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Local Giving in a Time of Need#

How Can I Help?

Thousands of Fort Collins neighbors, individuals, families and seniors rely on our local nonprofits each and every day. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, hourly, self-employed and under-employed workers were struggling to meet basic needs.

Already-vulnerable populations are typically the first to feel the pain during emergencies and times of community stress. Nonprofits are rapidly deepening and expanding their services to respond to the impact of COVID-19. But these increased services require additional financial support.

In this time of crisis, a gift made directly to a nonprofit is the most impactful way to make a difference!

Your direct gift to a nonprofit will enable them to efficiently and effectively address pressing needs close to home. Below is a list of durable local nonprofit organizations working to address the urgent needs of individuals and families through a range of essential services, including assistance with basic needs; vital, affordable housing; social visits and care navigation.

City of Fort Collins COVID-19 Relief

Adopt-a-Neighbor: Good neighbors can make a difference. The City of Fort Collins will pair you with a neighbor in need during this time of community crisis. Volunteers will assist neighbors who are vulnerable to COVID-19 with regular tasks, such as grocery shopping and delivery, picking up medications, basic errands, driveway shoveling, and outdoor pet care/dog walking. Specific needs and schedules will vary and will be coordinated by the paired volunteer and neighbor. Learn more at:

Northside Aztlan 24/7 Shelter for Those Experiencing Homelessness: In a commitment to protect vulnerable community members, the City of Fort Collins issued emergency regulation authorizing the use of the Northside Aztlan Community Center, 112 E. Willow St., as a daytime and overnight shelter through April 10 for those experiencing homelessness. Shelter services within the City-owned facility will be operated by local partners Murphy Center for Hope and Catholic Charities. The 24/7 shelter will abide by CDC recommendations and respect local, state and federal recommendations regarding social distancing, while also providing our most vulnerable residents a healthy and safe place to rest during this uncertain and unprecedented time.

Long-Term Community Recovery

Recovery will cast a wide economic net and include part-time and on call workers whose employment is curtailed or canceled without pay or sick days, as well as communities of color, the uninsured, people with limited English and others who don’t have significant savings or resources to ride out weeks, months—or longer—without services provided by local nonprofits.

The ripples of our current health and economic crisis will be felt for many months to come. Nonprofits, similar to small businesses, will face difficult choices in the budget cycles ahead. Their long-term sustainability and service delivery will be guided and supported by philanthropic-sector partners working to strategically and effectively deploy large relief funds.

Charitable giving to support the long-term efforts in our community can be made to:

  • Poudre School District -- direct charitable donations to Department of Language, Culture, and Equity
    Families in Need
  • Colorado COVID Relief Fund -- Coloradans can donate or volunteer; it has already raised nearly $3 million to help Coloradans impacted by the coronavirus.