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The City of Fort Collins Alexa#

The City of Fort Collins Alexa

The City of Fort Collins has an Amazon Alexa Skill!

FCGov (pronounced EFF-SEE-guv) is the official Alexa Skill for the City of Fort Collins and an easy way to get answers to questions about City services and upcoming events.

Enable the Skill by saying "Alexa, enable FCGov" to your Alexa-enabled device or via the link below to use it through the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

The City of Fort Collins doesn't collect any identifying information through the Skill.

Enable the Skill

What Can FCGov Help With?#

What's New with the City?

"Ask FCGov what's new?" or "Open FCGov"

Coming soon!

Get brief updates for some of the most-asked-about City services, such as weather alerts, City building closures, and electric Time-of-Day rate status.

Contact Information
  • "Ask FCGov who is...?" Get names and contact information for City Councilmembers and government leadership
  • "Ask FCGov where is...?" Get the address for City services.
  • "Ask FCGov how do I contact...?" Get contact information for departments and services offered by the City.
Upcoming Events
  • "Ask FCGov what's going on?" Get a list of all upcoming City events, or events coordinated through the City (such as Special Events that have a reserved location with the city).
  • "Ask FCGov what's going on this weekend?" Get a list of events for a specific day or date range.
  • "Ask FCGov what's going on at the Lincoln Center?" Get a list of events in a specific category. The different categories to choose from include
    • Boards and Commissions
    • Carnegie Center for Creativity
    • City Clerk
    • City Council
    • Communications and Public Involvement
    • Environmental Services
    • FC Moves
    • Finance
    • Lincoln Center
    • Natural Areas
    • Neighborhood Services
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Poudre Fire Authority
    • Special Events
    • The Gardens at Spring Creek
    • URA (Urban Renewal Authority)
    • Utilities

Any of the above examples can be combined. For example, "Ask FCGov what's going on next week at City Council?" will respond with only events for the next calendar week from the City Council category.

Event Details
  • "Ask FCGov to tell me more about the Pink Floyd Experience." Get details about a specific event, including location, time, and brief description.
  • "Ask FCGov to tell me more about tomorrow." Get details about a specific day or date range, including location, time, and a brief description of each event.
Give Feedback
  • "Ask FCGov to give feedback." We want to hear from you! Use this command to give short feedback to the City of Fort Collins through Alexa. Your response is anonymous (unless you say personal information so we can respond), and your voice is not recorded.
What's New with the Skill?
  • "Ask FCGov what's new with the Skill?" Get the release notes for new changes in the Skill.

Upcoming Features#

We want to make this the best Skill experience possible, so please let us know what you would like to see in future versions. You can give feedback via a simple form here or email the Skill administrator at

We're also continually monitoring the anonymous error logs, so if something isn't functioning for you, we're working to get it fixed in a timely manner.