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Industrial Discharge Permit

  • Sampling is part of the monitoring requirement of a discharge permit.

Federal regulations have established industrial pretreatment requirements for numerous categories of industrial processes. Industries performing the regulated processes, called categorical industries, are required to have an industrial discharge permit.

A permit also is required for any industry that has reasonable potential to exceed a local limitation for a wastewater pollutant. Local limitations, based on EPA guidelines, specifically address local water quality standards and wastewater treatment concerns.

Businesses required to obtain an industrial discharge permit are significant industrial users and must submit a permit application (PDF 38KB) or permit renewal application (PDF 42KB) to the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP). Permits contain pollutant limitations and other requirements for approved discharge of industrial wastewater.

Once permitted, the business must adhere to all permit requirements, including monitoring and reporting, and are subject to annual inspections by IPP staff. Reports and data are subject to review by the EPA and state regulators.

Industrial Waste Survey

IPP staff periodically survey all industrial and commercial wastewater dischargers located within the City sanitary sewer service area (PDF 474KB). The industrial wastewater survey (PDF 18 KB) is used to maintain familiarity with local wastewater dischargers and to identify those who are subject to Federal industrial pretreatment regulations or have potential to exceed a local limitation for a wastewater pollutant.

Businesses that may be subject to pretreatment regulations also are identified through sales tax accounts, building permits, sanitary sewer tap applications, newspaper/internet and staff's familiarity with the service area.

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