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Efficiency Works Helps Commercial Customers Increase Efficiency and Lower Utility Costs

Posted on: Jan-13-2014
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Efficiency Works is Fort Collins Utilities’ new approach to support energy and water efficiency for local businesses, encompassing all rebates, incentives and technical assistance. This format was designed to help commercial customers increase efficiency and lower utility costs.

Developed in partnership with Platte River Power Authority, and its other owner municipalities of Estes Park, Longmont and Loveland, Efficiency Works will make it easier for commercial customers to save money on utility bills with a unified program covering much of Northern Colorado. Together, the five partners expect to provide over $3 million in funds in 2014 to commercial customers.

Another way for local businesses to manage utility costs is to become a ClimateWise partner. ClimateWise is a free, voluntary program dedicated to helping local businesses and the environment. Partners receive assistance with waste reduction, energy savings, alternative transportation and water conservation. Details at

For more information, visit, email , call 970-221-6700 or TDD 970-224-6003.

Contact: Crystal Shafii
Conservation Program Coordinator

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