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Other Areas Maintained By Parks

Alleys and Downtown

Medians, road surface, and parkways comprise the makeup of streetscapes. The maintenance of medians and parkways in Fort Collins is the responsibility of the Parks Division. Currently over 62 acres of streetscapes are maintained under outside contract. (Oak Street Median)

All new landscaped areas are irrigated. Should you notice sprinklers running during the day, or for extended periods of time, please call us at 970-221-6660. Over the next decade, all landscaped areas will be irrigated. Many old parkways do not have irrigation and will go dormant in the middle to late summer and turn a tan color. This is a normal process for the drought tolerant turf grasses planted in these areas.

Various medians and parkways are available for adoption through the Adopt-A-Median program. Adoptions are for one year and can be renewed on an annual basis.

Other Public Facility Maintenance
The City's Parks Division is responsible for the outside grounds maintenance and snow removal at many City-owned buildings such as the Lincoln Center, the Senior Center, the Library, the Museum, the Justice Center and City Hall.