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Adopt-A-Median Program

MedianFlowers (14K)What is Adopt-A-Median?
The primary purpose of this program is to give those individuals or organizations who would like to make a difference in their community, but just don't have the time available to volunteer an outlet to give back with a financial contribution.

All proceeds received through the Adopt-a-Median Program will go toward the maintenance of the City medians.

How do you make a financial contribution to Adopt-A-Median?

  1. The Adopting organization or individual can contribute with check, cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover). It is preferred that a donation be $25.00 or greater.
  2. A check should be made payable to the City of Fort Collins Parks Department. The check can be delivered or mailed to: 413 South Bryan Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521.
  3. A cash transaction must be done at the Park Shop, 413 South Bryan Avenue.
  4. A credit card transaction can be done at the Park Shop or by phone.
  5. The donor portion of the Adopt-a-Median Contrubtion List must be completed and presented with the donation. The Receipt will be completed by the Parks Department and given to the donor for their records.
  6. The Contribution Form will also provide data and permission for the Parks Department to post the name of the organization or individual on the Parks Adopt-a-Median web page for one-year from the date of the contribution.

Download Adopt-A-Median Contribution Form (PDF)