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Neighborhood Grants

Neighborhood Services is excited to offer grants to Fort Collins neighborhoods! Neighborhood grants will be available during three cycles in 2014. Grant amounts range from $25 to $500 and can be put toward any event which builds community and benefits everyone in the neighborhood. Planning a neighborhood clean-up? See our tip sheet. Please note: Larimer County offers a 50% discount on one 30-yard roll-off per neighborhood per year. For more details, please contact us.

What type of activities are Eligible?

Eligible activities may include:
- neighborhood clean-ups,
- block parties or potlucks,
- beautification projects, and
- neighborhood gateway projects.

Ineligible activities include:
- political campaigning,
- alcohol purchase,
- homeowner association business expenses, and
- projects on private property.

How ARE Grants Evaluated?

Grants are evaluated based on the following criteria:
- fostering positive neighbor relationships,
- building a sense of pride in one's neighborhood and community,
- number of neighbors participating and benefiting from event, and
- matching donations and volunteer hours contributed to event.

As the grant program gets more popular and more competitive, it is important to emphasize your neighborhood's contributions and any donations on your grant application. To help demonstrate this, we have created a sample budget for your use.

The City of Fort Collins has a strong commitment to sustainability and will not consider funds for paper plates, napkins, and other disposable items. Instead, we encourage neighbors to provide their own which will also reduce the amount of trash created.

Grant Deadlines

Grants will be awarded three times in 2014. Deadlines are March 14, July 7, and September 19. The July 7 deadline is ONLY for Neighborhood Night Out events. Other applicatoins should be submitted by March 14 for events occurring before October 3 and by September 19 for events occurring after October 3. Late applications will not be considered. If you need a paper copy of the application, please contact us.

W9 Forms

A W9 form must be submitted or on file with Neighborhood Services at the time of application in order for the project to be considered. A link to this form is available on this webpage, below the application. New applicants will need to complete and submit the form with your application. This is for City of Fort Collins tax purposes only. You do not need to report this on your tax return. These funds are not considered income. Please return the W9 form to Neighborhood Services. While W-9 Forms can be received either electronically or through the mail, it is recommended they be submitted in person to reduce the risk of the applicant's personal information being lost or stolen.

Considerations for project enhancement

If your project or event is associated with conservation or environmental sustainability efforts, there may be other City programs that could assist with funding or supplies for your neighborhood. We fully recommend exploring those possibilities and in combining resources for larger outcomes. Muliple service areas offer incentives, rebates, classes or supplies for such efforts. The Utilities rebate program as well as the City's Environmental Services department may assit you in beginning your search.


The application can be emailed to, faxed to 970-224-6050, or mailed to Neighborhood Services, Attention: Neighborhood Grants 281 N. College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524. If emailed, please put Grant Application in the subject line. You may also drop off the application at the Neighborhood Services office at 281 N. College Avenue located on the 2nd floor.