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City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program – Celebrating 20 Years

Physical Address: 417 W. Magnolia, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970)221-6735

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Celebrating 20 Years!

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary.  Art in Public Places (APP) was created in April, 1995. APP is intended to encourage and enhance artistic expression and appreciation and to add value to the Fort Collins community through acquiring, exhibiting, and maintaining public art.

Please visit our Image Gallery or print a map and visit the Art in Public Place art collection.

Watch our site and follow updates on the 2015 season of Transformer Cabinet Murals, Pianos About Town, and Pedestrian Pavers.  Artists will be painting murals on transformer cabinets and pianos throughout the summer season.

If you are an artist or interested in art updates and events, please sign-up for our newsletters.


Pianos About Town

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and community partner Bohemian Foundation. This exciting project brings together visual art and music for the public to enjoy. We are currently starting of our 5th season! For updates and to share your photos and videos of the pianos in action, please visit us on Facebook at

Help us care for the pianos! If you enjoy playing the pianos, help us protect them by closing the keyboard cover after each use and using the attached tarp to cover the piano in times of bad weather—Thank you!

2015-2016 Piano Muralists

Amanda Acheson Picture of Artist

Nov 24 - Dec 15

Piano Art
Piano concept
Jessica Bean Picture of Artist

Oct 7 - Oct 26

Piano Art
Piano concept
Werner Schreiber Picture of Artist

Sep 16 - Oct 5

Piano Art
Piano concept
Ren Burke Picture of Artist

Aug 26 - Sep 14

Piano Art
Piano concept
Diane Findley Picture of Artist

Aug 5 - Aug 24

Piano Art
Piano concept
Anne Thouthip Picture of Artist

Jul 15 - Aug 3

Piano Art
Piano concept
Amy Heyse Picture of Artist

Jun 24 - Jul 13

Piano Art
Piano concept
Mary Harnett Picture of Artist

Jun 3 - Jun 22

Piano Art
Piano concept
Gale Whitman Picture of Artist

May 13 - Jun 1

Piano Art
Piano concept

Transformer Cabinet Murals

Art in Public Places, in collaboration with City of Fort Collins Utilities, has been transforming electrical boxes throughout town since 2006. The program has been growing ever since, and 183 cabinets have been painted to date.

16 artists and 1 non-profit group have been selected to paint transformer cabinets this summer. The cabinets will be at various locations throughout Fort Collins. Check back for updates on artists, links to concepts, and progress photos. You can see images of previous years' murals in the Image Gallery.

2015 Transformer Muralists

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