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Art in Public Places – Celebrating Over 20 Years

New art coming to College and Prospect Intersection (PDF)

Spotlight image: New art coming to College and Prospect Intersection

Colorado artist Robert Tully has created seven woven nest-like stainless steel sculptures for the medians west and east of the College and Prospect intersection. To complement the median sculptures and as part of the Art in Public Places program, Robert Tully will install three kinetic sculptures that will be mounted on the light poles on the south side of the street heading west from the intersection. In each, 15 human figures pivot separately like weather vanes depending on the wind direction.

New Art at Timberline and Prospect (PDF)

Spotlight image: New Art at Timberline and Prospect

Two Fort Collins artists Todd Kundla and Tim Upham designed this artwork adjacent to the silos near the intersection of Timberline and Prospect Roads. Cascading from the top of one of the remaining three historic silos, this sculpture entitled Ringfall serve as a monument to the two historic silos that once stood on this site.  The 50 foot tall sculptural piece will serve as a monument to the two historic silos that once stood on this site. The public can view the original two silos from this site this fall at the new Twin Silo Park in southeast Fort Collins, which was named in their honor.

New Mosaic on the Mulberry Bridge (PDF)

Spotlight image: New Mosaic on the Mulberry Bridge

Local artist Jill MacKay has created a mirror and natural river rock mosaic on the northeast side of the Mulberry Bridge along the Poudre River Trail. The river itself is the inspiration for this project.

With the use of flowing reflective mirror mosaic waveforms, the design mimics the reflective surface qualities of water. The natural river rock lends strong contrast and further mimics the look and feel of the river. Artist Jill MacKay also created the stone mosaic found in the rain garden on Remington Street between the CSU Trail Gardens and the University Center for the Arts.

New Sculptures at EPIC (PDF)

Spotlight image: New Sculptures at EPIC

Denver artist Barbara Baer has installed two sculptures in the newly remodeled Edora Pool and Ice Center (EPIC) lobby. Suspended from the lobby ceiling, the sculptural shapes act like a mobile, gently moving in the space with the air currents.

The artwork is inspired by the uses of the building, Ice and Water. The sculptures’ colored panels are inspired by ice crystals formed on a window pane (placed on the north side of the lobby) and by a tumbling mountain stream (placed on the south side of the lobby). The artworks will act as wayfinding elements. Enter on the south side with the water ripples painted across the transparent panels, and you will be heading towards the pool area of the building. Enter on the north side of the lobby with the ice crystals, and you’ll be heading in the direction of the ice rinks.

Pianos About Town

Spotlight image: Pianos About Town

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and community partners Bohemian Foundation and the Downtown Develoment Authority. This exciting project brings together visual art and music for the public to enjoy. We are currently planning our 6th season! For updates and to share your photos and videos of the pianos in action, please visit us on Facebook.

Help us care for the pianos! If you enjoy playing the pianos, help us protect them by closing the keyboard cover after each use and using the attached tarp to cover the piano in times of bad weather—Thank you!

2017 Piano Muralists

Chelsea Ermer Picture of Artist
Jun 21 - Jul 3
Piano Art
Piano concept
Northern Colorado Intertribal Powwow Association Picture of Artist
Jun 7 - Jun 19
Piano Art
Piano concept
Larry Tucci Picture of Artist
May 24 - Jun 5
Piano Art
Piano concept
Carla Gamboa Picture of Artist
May 10 - May 22
Piano Art
Piano concept