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Art in Public Places – Celebrating 20 Years

Art installation on the Mulberry Bridge (PDF)

Spotlight image: Art installation on the Mulberry Bridge

Local artist Jill MacKay is currently installing local river rock mosaic in addition to the mirror waveforms she installed last fall. The artwork is located on the northeast side of the Mulberry Bridge along the Poudre River Trail. The river itself, lends the inspiration for this project with the use of mirror mosaic reflective waveforms that mimics the reflective surface qualities of water. The stone further enhances the look and feel of the river.  Artist Jill MacKay also created the stone mosaic found in the rain garden on Remington Street between the CSU Trail Gardens and the University Center for the Arts.

Join our list of Design Consultants

Spotlight image: Join our list of Design Consultants

The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program (APP) is seeking submissions to create the list of approved artists who can work as Design Consultants for City of Fort Collins capital projects. Deadline May 1 2017

What would you make?

Spotlight image: What would you make?

Pianos About Town is looking for artists and organizations who can use piano parts, after they've been decommissioned from the program. Many parts can be creatively re-used for art projects, take apart days, or maker spaces. We have hammers, keys, sound boards, etc.

Come see what we have and pick up parts by appointment.

Let us know if you are interested by emailing Liz Good at bGdvb2RAZmNnb3YuY29t or calling 970-416-2646.


Pianos About Town

Spotlight image: Pianos About Town

Pianos About Town is a collaborative effort between the Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program and community partners Bohemian Foundation and the Downtown Develoment Authority. This exciting project brings together visual art and music for the public to enjoy. We are currently planning our 6th season! For updates and to share your photos and videos of the pianos in action, please visit us on Facebook.

Help us care for the pianos! If you enjoy playing the pianos, help us protect them by closing the keyboard cover after each use and using the attached tarp to cover the piano in times of bad weather—Thank you!