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Adaptive Recreation Opportunities

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The City of Fort Collins Recreation Department provides equal and quality recreation for community members with disabiities. Adaptive Recreation Opportunities (ARO) strives to ensure that people with disabilities have the necessary Accommodations or support to participate in any recreation program at their highest level of independence. Specialized programming is also offered to increase opportunities and meet unique needs of individuals. A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) oversees the creation of support for each person and the specialized program offerings made available. So what do you like to do? YOU CAN DO IT and ARO is here to help.

ARO provides unique services and classes to individuals of all ages and abilities. Exciting learning opportunities are available through interships and volunteering.


Giant Friends Club Special Event, April 10th (PDF)

Planes, Trains, and Trucks!  Free Event! 

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ARO 20th Anniversary

ARO's 20th Anniversary Celebration was a success and we are looking forward to a great 20th year! 

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ARO Winter/Spring Intern

Meet Sarah Olear!

Before moving to Fort Collins with her dog and pet rabbit, Sarah resided in central New York. While in NY, she attended graduate school for Therapeutic Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Education. In graduate school she worked with a variety of elementary school programs, college students, and cross cultural groups to teach inclusion and accessibility to students.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and loves animals. In her spare time Sarah loves backpacking, mountain biking, running, reading, and any outdoor activity she can do with her dog.

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The Adaptive Recreation Opportunities program provides quality and equal opportunities for recreation and leisure programs to community members with disabilities. The ARO program offers healthy and fun experiences through the following three basic service areas:

  • Inclusion: The City of Fort Collins welcomes individuals of all abilities into its classes and activities. A Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will help to determine the most effective means of support for people to participate in any program offering. Accommodations may include adaptive equipment, program modification, staff or trained volunteer support. Inclusion is also a great way to enhance public awareness of the capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Inquiries about what type of assistance is available should be directed to Renee Lee at 970-224-6027. NOTE: Requests should be made two weeks before the class begins.
  • Transition: If you need more assistance in making your recreation and leisure choices, but want to be as independent as possible, the Transistion program might be right for you. Explore new experiences, learn about exciting recreation opportunities and meet new people.
    A Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will help you develop you personal Passport to Recreation Profile and discuss your needs, strengths and interests. Call 970-224-6027 for more information.
  • Specialized Program: These programs are open to everyone but are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities. They can also be found in the Recreator and identified by the ARO symbol. The Alternative Programs are designed for adults with intellectual disabilities and focus on community activities and social outings. See the ARO section of the Recreator for a list of current program offerings.

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