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Learn About Low Impact Development

Learn how Utilities' Low Impact Development technique can mimic natural systems, primarily through gardens and landscaping, while also offering a functional stormwater run-off system.

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Vote on the Time Capsule Items!

FCMoD and the City are creating a "living time capsule" that represents what makes Fort Collins an exceptional place to live in 2014. Cast your vote on which items should represent June!

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ARTiculture Sculpture & Arts Festival, Aug. 1-2

The Gardens on Spring Creek, the Lincoln Center and Beet Street present ARTiculture, celebrating Colorado art at the Gardens on Spring Creek, 2145 Centre Avenue.

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Neighborhood Night Out, Aug. 5

Neighborhood Night Out is an annual, nationwide event encouraging community building and safety.

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Beat the Buzz & Stay West Nile Free

Fort Collins has yet to detect West Nile virus this season, but with the wet season the mosquito counts are expected to rise. Keep an eye on the latest with the weekly vector index and trap data.

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Questions about disposable bags?

Check out Frequently Asked Questions on the disposable bags ordinance. FAQs will be updated as needed prior to the August 19 Council meeting on second reading.


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