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Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate Program

Did you know that one gas-powered lawn mower can produce the same amount of air pollution in one hour as 11 cars? Replacing gas-powered lawn and garden equipment with manual, electric or battery-powered equipment reduces emissions of hazardous air pollutants. Fort Collins residents can receive up to $50 in rebates through the 2015 Lawn and Garden Equipment Rebate Program that runs April 18-June 28.

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Martin Marietta Materials Asphalt Plant Final Air Permit Issued

On January 7, 2015 the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) issued a final air permit (with corrections) for the Martin Marietta Materials hot mix asphalt plant located at 1800 North Taft Hill Road.  The permit contains specific requirements and limitations for controlling air pollutant emissions from this facility.

Fugitive Dust Prevention and Control

“Fugitive dust” consists primarily of soil particles in the air caused by wind and human activities such as excavating, demolition, abrasive blasting, and other activities. Dust causes health problems; safety, visibility, and aesthetic issues; and is a nuisance causing expensive damage to property and machinery. City staff in many departments respond to numerous dust complaints from citizens each year. Current codes and policies do not adequately provide for the prevention and control of dust emissions or the protection of health and the environment. Staff in the Environmental Services Department, under the direction of City Council, has drafted an approach to address fugitive dust issues and is seeking public comment and input. 

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Martin Marietta Materials Asphalt Plant Draft Air Permit Review

The City of Fort Collins Air Quality Advisory Board and the Larimer County Environmental and Science Advisory Board held a joint informational meeting on Monday August 18, 2014 to review the draft air permit and supporting materials issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for the Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. asphalt plant. The plant, located at 1800 North Taft Hill Road, applied for an air permit to continue asphalt production operations at their current location.   Air Resources Specialists, Inc. was retained by the County and City to perform a technical review of CDPHE’s analysis and presented their findings to the boards. The Air Quality Advisory Board then prepared recommended comments on the permit for City Council’s consideration.  Council approved the board’s recommendations on Sept. 2nd and comments were submitted to CDPHE by Sept. 3, 2014.  

Martin Marietta Materials Asphalt Plant Listening Held Session May 14, 2014

The City of Fort Collins hosted a public listening session with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment and the Citizens Against Asphalt Toxins on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 to provide an opportunity for citizens to express concerns regarding the asphalt plant and for officials to present information about the state’s air permitting and public comment process. The meeting was held in response to Martin Marietta Materials’ recent application for an air permit for its asphalt plant at 1800 N. Taft Hill Road.  

Climate Action Status Report

Beginning in 1997, Fort Collins was among the first wave of communities in the nation to commit to reducing local greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, City Council adopted carbon reduction goals and developed the Climate Action Plan to outline strategies to meet these goals. The Climate Action Plan is currently being updated to consider more rigorous and accelerated reduction objectives in the face of increasing evidence of climate change and local impacts. The 2013 Climate Action Status Report provides residents with details on the communities’ progress toward meeting these goals.

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Reducing Your Exposure to Air Pollution - Public Air Forum

The Air Quality Advisory Board sponsored a public air quality forum on April 30, 2014, featuring Colorado State University Professor John Volckens.  Dr. Volckens discussed residents’ exposure to pollutants while commuting in a car and biking along Fort Collins’ streets and bike paths.  In addition residents had an opportunity to learn about current air quality trends and issues and provide input on programs and projects implemented by the City that affect air quality.

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Clear the Air with a Zero Interest Air Quality Loan

The City of Fort Collins is offering Air Quality Loans of $1,000 to $10,000* to Fort Collins residents for the following home improvements:  

  • Install a radon mitigation system,
  • Upgrade an inefficient wood stove or fireplace, or
  • Remediate mold. 

*Offer subject to availability.

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2013 Community and Municipal GHG Emissions Inventory Quality Management Plans Now Available

The City has compiled the 2012 inventories of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for the community and municipal operations. The detailed methodologies in these reference documents were developed to provide complete data transparency, and provide quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure data integrity for the City’s annual Community and Municipal GHG Emissions Inventories. 

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Learn What it Means to Become an HSH Volunteer!

Listen to an informative radio blog interview, where Healthy Sustainable Homes Program Coordinartor Mary Pat Aardrup and Assistant Coordinator Selina Lujan speak with Tri 102.5 FM Morning Personality Paul Wozniak about the caliber of training that volunteers for the program receive! You'll also learn more about opportunities that City of Fort Collins residents have to request FREE in-home assessments by highly-trained volunteer experts. The next volunteer training begins on April 8, 2014.

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Climate Action Plan Status Report

Over a decade ago, Fort Collins was among the first wave of communities in the nation to commit to reducing local greenhouse emissions. In 2008 City Council adopted carbon reduction goals and the Climate Action Plan was developed to outline strategies to meet these goals. In July 2013, the city issued the 2012 Climate Status Report to provide residents with an update on the progress made toward achieving these goals.

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Receive a FREE Healthy Home Assessment Today!

The Healthy Sustainable Homes program is a free, volunteer-driven program that helps families improve the indoor air quality of their homes. Through awareness and education, the Healthy Sustainable Homes program provides low-cost or no-cost solutions that help residents create a healthier home. Residents can request to have (2) certified Master Home Educators conduct a FREE healthy home assessment. The assessment focuses on biological pollutants, chemical contaminants, and safety hazards and residents can receive conservation gifts that promote sustainability in their home. Call (970) 416-2832 to sign-up for an assessment today!

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Learn More About Radon

Did you know that testing your home for radon is simple and life-saving? The City of Fort Collins encourages all citizens to test their homes for radon. The most recently calculated data tells us that approximately 500 lung cancer deaths occur yearly in Colorado due to radon exposure. Inexpensive radon test kits are available at the Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr., and the Fort Collins Development Review Center, 281 N. College Ave.  Air Quality Loans are also available to help residents who need to install a radon mitigation system or to upgrade an inefficient wood stove or fireplace. Learn more about radon today!

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Say No to Idling and Breathe Easy

Motor vehicles are the number one contributor to the brown cloud in Fort Collins. Wondering if car idling makes a difference to your health, wallet, and the environment? Check out our Breathe Easy-Just Say No to Idling website and our Breathe Easy YouTube Video

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2011 Air Quality Plan

Fort Collins' Air Quality Plan provides policy direction and high level strategies that guide the City's progress toward continually improving Fort Collins' air quality. The principles and policies in the 2011 Air Quality Plan were developed as part of the extensive year-long goal to update the overall City Plan, as well as the Transportation Master Plan.

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2011 Air Quality/Recycling Survey (PDF) (PDF)

1,525 randomly selected citizens were surveyed during the summer of 2011 about air quality and recycling beliefs and actions. The survey had a 30% response rate. Results generally indicate strong support for environmental programs and showed an improvement in awareness/participation above the 2007 survey results.

Dealing with Chronic Asthma Issues

If you or a loved one needs tips for dealing with chronic asthma, plan to attend one of Poudre Valley Hospital’s “Taming the Tiger” classes.  For more information, contact Poudre Valley Hospital Respiratory Therapy Department at (970) 495-8153. 

Learn About Local Air Pollution Levels

There are a number of options available for learning about air pollution levels in and around the City of Fort Collins.

  • Register for EnviroFlash, an e-mail and pager notification system that provides subscribers with instant air quality information. It can be customized for individual needs.
  • Visit the Colorado Daily Smoke Advisory and Outlook issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.     
  • Read hourly air pollution measurements in Fort Collins, including information about fine particle levels. Or, call the State Health Department Daily Air Quality Bulletin at (888) 484-3247