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44.0 °F / 6.7 °C
Mostly Cloudy

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Air Quality Conditions

Pollutant AQI Value
O3 36 Good
PM2.5 4 Good
PM10 2 Good
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This Website is Changing

We will be making website improvements during the first half of 2016.

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The City is taking transparency to the next level with its new OpenCity initiative. OpenCity is aimed at creating a new web portal for data sets that the public can easily access.

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City Council Meeting, Feb. 16

Council will consider an appeal of the Administrative Hearing Officer Decision regarding the Capstone Cottages PDP.

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Fort Collins Currently Ranked 12th in Competition

Fort Collins is one year in to Georgetown University's energy competition and is currently ranked 12th, with a goal to reach the top ten by the end of 2016. Learn how you can help!

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Water Quality Monitoring Ensures Safe Supply

For 35+ years, our Drinking Water Corrosion Control program has protected drinking water from lead and copper corrosion products in home plumbing. We routinely report water quality monitoring results.

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VIDEO: CityView - Ep. 26: February 8 -February 22

In this episode, you're invited to talk about the State of the City, streets crews are clearing neighborhood ice, the recycling center is getting a new address, and you can try your hand at throwing pots!