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Smoking in Fort Collins

Contact Information

  •   Dept Head: Delynn Coldiron
Public Outreach Campaign

City staff members conducted an extensive six-month public outreach campaign around the issue of whether to adopt more stringent regulations for venues that were currently exempt from the local smoking ordinance.

2002 Public Outreach Events
Dates Event
May Virtual Town Hall - It was very important to the City Council that the community had an opportunity to voice their opinion. The Virtual Town Hall was an online tool where citizens could look at other comments and submit their own.
July 19-
Sept. 9
Virtual Town Hall II - After the original Virtual Town Hall, more extensive public outreach was deemed necessary to guide Council on its decision. Citizens were asked to rate their level of support of the CTEPA model via an online questionnaire, or by mailing in or dropping off a printed questionnaire
July 19-
July 26
Statistically Valid Community Opinion Survey (PDF) - Community survey conducted through phone interviews with a randomly-selected set of 400 residents
July 19-
Sept. 9
A Smoking Input Line was set up for citizens to call in and give comments
July 22 Smoking Dialogue - Citizens were able to give their opinion on a smoke-free Fort Collins, and panelists from diverse backgrounds shared their knowledge.
July 22-
Aug. 27
Smoking Outreach Meetings - Councilmembers and city staff conducted public meetings and informational booths where citizens were able to share their opinions and concerns on a smoke-free Fort Collins.