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Plum Street Sanitary & Storm Drainage Improvements Project

Updates & Road Closures

  • Private construction work continues on both City Park Avenue and Plum Street.
  • Remaining construction and road closures are related to these separate projects.
  • All construction work related to Fort Collins Utilities has been completed.

In coordination with The District at Campus West development on Plum Street, Fort Collins Utilities will remove, replace and up-size portions of the existing sanitary sewer line and storm drainage system along Plum and Shields Streets and City Park Avenue. Local businesses will still be open during construction.

Sanitary Sewer
The existing 8- and 10-inch sanitary sewer will be up-sized to 12-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe from Shields Street to north of City Park Avenue, approximately 530 lineal feet. A total of 13 manholes will be installed.

Storm Drainage System
To help mitigate existing flooding issues on Plum Street, the storm drainage system will be up-sized. It will be moved to the east side on Shields Street and approximately 230 lineal feet of 36-inch PVC pipe will be installed from the intersection of Shields and Plum Streets south along Shields Street. A combination of 21- and 30-inch PVC pipe totaling 570 lineal feet, will be installed along Plum Street stopping at Aster Street. Two 10-foot stormwater drainage inlets will be installed on Plum Street near Aster Street, and five manholes will be installed.

Project Timeline

The total estimated work time in Shields Street is a minimum of five weeks, four weeks to install the new pipe and one week to parch and pave the street. Once the work into Plum Street is completed, the sanitary and storm drainage system work will be done at the same time in Plum Street and will take approximately six weeks.

What to Expect

This project will have deep trenches, earth mounds, materials storage and large equipment with associated noise and dust.

Extensive traffic control and detours for pedestrians, bike riders and drivers on Shield and Plum Streets and City Park Avenue.

  • Work in Plum Street will require a moving full road closure, approximately 300 feet long, for through traffic.
  • Pedestrians and bike riders will be able to cross Shields Street only on the north side of the intersection of Plum and Shields Streets.
  • Traffic will be reduced to single northbound and southbound lanes on Shields Street, with delays and traffic congestion.
  • Only right turns will be allowed at the Plum and Shields Street intersection.
  • There will be a partial closure of City Park Avenue during the sanitary sewer work.
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Safety for residents, commuters, bike riders, pedestrians and work crews is top priority. Barricades and fences will be used to clearly mark areas of excavation that will be fenced off at night and on weekends. For your safety, stay away from these areas and follow all detours.

Contact Information

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