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Seal and insulate air leaks in ductwork located in attics or crawl spaces.

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Northern Colorado Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Report

Posted on: Dec-05-2013

FORT COLLINS, CO – Fort Collins Utilities participates in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS). The CRS is an incentive program for communities to go above and beyond the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) minimum standards for floodplain management.

Based on this rating system, flood insurance discounts may be up to 30 percent for residents and businesses within Fort Collins’ city limits. Fort Collins receives one of the largest discounts in the country.

One activity credited by the CRS is an annual review of the Northern Colorado Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. This review is required to be submitted to the media and is available at You also may contact Utilities at 970-221-6700 or to request a copy.

The Northern Colorado Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan was last updated in 2009. The plan assesses vulnerabilities to both natural and man-made hazards and recommends mitigation strategies for the various hazards.

To review the plan or for questions about the annual report, contact Mike Gavin, Emergency Manager, Poudre Fire Authority at 970-416-2878 or

For more information on the CRS program, call Marsha Hilmes-Robinson at 970-224-6036, e-mail or TDD 970-224-6003.

Contact: Marsha Hilmes-Robinson
Floodplain Administrator

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