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Building Tune-Up

The Building Tune-Up is offered jointly with Efficiency Works and is designed to achieve cost-effective electricity, natural gas and water savings in commercial and industrial facilities through retro-commissioning (RCx).

Savings are achieved through the systematic evaluation of facility systems and implementation of low- or no-cost measures targeted to improve facility operation. The program:

  • funds the cost to perform RCx services
  • helps customers achieve low or no-cost energy and water savings by tuning up their existing equipment

(Must meet all)

  • Fort Collins Utilities business customer
  • Committed to contributing a minimum of $0.05 per square foot for implementing identified measures (typically 25% of cost)
  • No scheduled major renovations or capital investments
  • Facility at least 2 years old

Program Rules

  • Must be pre-approved.
  • Must use approved list of retro-commissioning service providers (RSP) available through Efficiency Works.
  • May be required to get three bids from approved RSPs.
  • Time to complete a retro-commissioning project is typically one to nine months.


Application, FAQs, Program Manual and a list of qualified retro-commissioning service providers are available at Efficiency Works

Contact Utilities for more information.

Program Tiers

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Facility is typically: < 50,000 sq feet of conditioned space  50,000-100,000 sq feet of conditioned space > 100,000 sq feet of conditioned space
Efficiency measures are: Directly installed Streamlined approach 4-phase approach
Program is: Prescriptive retrocomissioning measures Retrocommissioning Retrocommissioning
Rebate is: Covered at 75%, up to $.15/sq ft Analysis covered at 100% Analysis covered at 100%
Customer pays: 25% or $.05/sq ft Commit $.05/sq ft up to 12K for implementation Commit $.05/sq ft up to 12K for implementation
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