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Traffic Safety in Fort Collins

In 2014, Allstate Insurance Company released its tenth annual "Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report™." Fort Collins topped the list for the fourth time in the report’s ten-year history. Thank you to the many citizens who have contributed to this safe driving record. It demonstrates another reason why Fort Collins is a great place to live, work and play. While the traffic safety record in Fort Collins is good compared to other communities, we still have room for improvement. In 2014 there were more than 4,000 reported traffic crashes in our city. With five lives lost, more than 800 people injured and an economic impact estimated at about $129 million, Fort Collins has plenty of reasons to not rest on our laurels.

Traffic Safety Summary

The City Traffic Operations Department produces an annual Traffic Safety Summary. This summary provides a description of traffic crashes that have occurred on public streets in Fort Collins. The report is intended to be used as a benchmarking tool to track progress on efforts to reduce the number of crashes and crash severity. In addition, the document is intended to serve as a tool to help determine strategies and countermeasures to achieve crash reduction goals.

View the full 2014 Traffic Safety Summary (PDF) (PDF 6.0MB)

or browse by section:

Section 1 - General Crash Information

Number of Crashes and Economic Impacts (PDF 107KB)
Comparison with Other Cities (PDF 103KB)
Crashes by Month, Day, and Time of Day (PDF 138KB)
Location of Crashes (PDF 71KB)
Driver Age (PDF 78KB)
Driving Under the Influence (PDF 98KB)
Motorcycle Crashes (PDF 74KB)

Section 2 - Types of Crashes

Types of Crashes (PDF 1.2MB)
Bicycle Crashes (PDF 1.4MB)
Pedestrian Crashes (PDF 1.0MB)
Right Angle Crashes (PDF 1.3MB)
Fixed Object Crashes (PDF 172KB)
Approach Turn Crashes (PDF 1.0MB)
Rear End Crashes (PDF 1.1MB)

Section 3 - High Crash Locations

Detailed Intersection Analysis (PDF 84KB)