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Comments on Employee Conduct (Revised Apr-2013)

Fort Collins Police Services strives to maintain high standards of quality professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Fort Collins and encourage your feedback on how we are performing.

We often receive comments, both positive and negative, from citizens regarding the conduct of our employees. We like to hear when we perform our jobs well, and when improvements can be made. Occasionally we fall short of our goal of quality service and when we do, we would like to hear about it.

Complaint Process

How do I make a complaint?

A person can make a complaint to Fort Collins Police Services in person, by telephone, by letter, e-mail, or by filling out an Internal Affairs Complaint Packet. Complaint Packets can be obtained at Fort Collins Police Services, the downtown Fort Collins Library, the Aztlan Center, the City Manager's Office. Information about the complaint process is available in both English and Spanish.

When a complaint is made in person, the complainant will be immediately referred to the employee's supervisor or an on-duty supervisor. In the event a supervisor is not immediately available, the employee receiving the complaint will take as much information as possible and advise a supervisor at the earliest moment.

What are the different classifications of complaints?

There are three classifications of complaints: a Performance Complaint, a Level One Complaint, and a Level Two Complaint.

A Performance Complaint generally involves service dissatisfaction and may involve a person's perception about an employee's behavior, a minor violation of agency policy, procedure or training, or a concern expressed about the way an incident was handled. The employee's direct supervisor is responsible for investigating a Performance Complaint and imposing any applicable discipline.

A Level One Complaint generally involves an allegation that, if substantiated, could result in disciplinary action beyond that usually expected in a Performance Complaint. Allegations of inappropriate tactics, racial profiling, dishonest conduct, and sexual harassment are examples. These allegations can be handled by the employee's direct supervisor or by Internal Affairs. Upon completion of the investigation, the case is reviewed by the involved employee's chain of command including the Chief of Police.

A Level Two Complaint generally involves the most serious and may include allegations of excessive force, a violation of law, civil rights violations, etc. These complaints are normally investigated by Internal Affairs and are reviewed by the involved employee's chain of command including the Chief of Police. Prior to the Chief rendering his/her final decision, the Citizen Review Board will review the case.

What happens when I file a complaint?

In most cases, the involved employee's immediate supervisor will investigate the matter. In some circumstances, depending upon the nature of the complaint, Internal Affairs may conduct the investigation. Complainants will be advised who is investigating their complaint.

The investigating supervisor may contact the complainant and witnesses in person or by telephone and a written statement may be requested. The involved employee(s) will also be interviewed about the incident.

The employee's chain of command will review the investigation (Level One and Level Two) to determine whether the employee's conduct violated any agency policy, procedure, or training and to make recommendations regarding corrective action. If the complaint requires a review by the Citizen Review Board (CRB), the Chief of Police will render a finding following the CRB review. The complainant will receive written notification of the Chief's finding. Disciplinary or corrective action taken against the employee is confidential and protected by personnel law; it will not be made public.

The entire process can take several weeks for a Performance Complaint and up to several months for a Level One or Level Two Complaint to be completed. Additional time is required and allowed by City ordinance if the complaint is reviewed by the CRB. Questions about the complaint process or the status of a case should be referred to Internal Affairs, 970-221-6831.

What do the results of the investigation mean?

After the investigation, reviews, and recommendations have been completed, a final disposition or finding is made. There are five possible dispositions at the conclusion of an investigation for a Level One and Level Two Complaint:

  • "Sustained": The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence establishing that the employee violated one or more Agency policy, procedure, or training.
  • "Not sustained": There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • “Exonerated": The incident occurred, but the employee's behavior did not violate any Agency policy, procedure, or training.
  • "Unfounded": The allegation was false or not factual.
  • "Not involved": The employee was not involved in the incident.

I want to file a complaint on an employee's conduct

If you would like to make a complaint about a Fort Collins Police Services employee, please read this complaint process and Complaining Party's Rights and Responsibilities then complete the following documents:

The completed forms may be mailed to or returned to:

Fort Collins Police Services
Internal Affairs
2221 S. Timberline Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Faxed to Internal Affairs: 970-224-6088

Comments/Message line

You can leave a comment or message regarding your contact with a Police Services employee by leaving a message at 970-416-2492 or completing the following document: and returning it as directed above.

Fort Collins Police Services Internal Affairs

Sgt. Jackie Pearson

Citizen Review Board

The Citizen Review board can be reached by:

Mail: Citizen Review Board
c/o Fort Collins City Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 580
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522
Voicemail: 970-416-2707