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City of Fort Collins Park Shop Locations

The Parks Division currently has four shop locations. Each Shop provides tools and equipment which sustain a district of parks allowing crews less drive time to the surrounding parks within the district.

  • North District
  • Main Park Shop - Located at 413 S. Bryan Avenue, 80521 - at City Park, behind the fire station.

  • Downtown District
  • Downtown Shop - Located at 220 N. Howes Street, 80521 - Northwest of City Office Bldg. 215 N Mason.

  • Southeast & South Districts
  • Fossil Creek Shop - Located at 5833 S. Lemay Avenue, 80525 - at Fossil Creek Park, South of the playground.

  • Southwest District
  • Spring Canyon Shop - Located at 3156 S. Overland Trail, 80525 - at Spring Canyon Park, South end of Parking lot off Overland Trail.
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