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Liquor Licensing

Welcome to the City of Fort Collins Liquor Licensing Web Page!

Liquor licenses are issued by the State and the City of Fort Collins. The City cannot issue the local license until the State has reviewed and approved the application and issued the State license.

The Municipal Judge acts as the Liquor Licensing Authority. Hearings are generally held twice a month at 215 North Mason (1st floor).

The Deputy City Clerk administers the liquor licensing program and works directly with each applicant to prepare their application before appearing before the Judge

When down loading applications, please read through the document checklist. You MUST complete every item on the document checklist. If you have any questions as to whether or not it applies to you, please call 970-221-6315.

Please allow at least 60 days for all applications. If your application is required to appear before the Liquor Licensing Authority, this time frame could easily be extended. Applications (such as Special Events Permits, Change in Corporation or Limited Liability Company) that are administratively approved require extensive staff review and could take longer than 60 days.

Before submitting a completed application, to insure prompt and efficient processing of your application, please call 970-221-6315 to schedule an appointment.

   New Application
   Transfer of Ownership
   Modification of Premise
   Temporary Modification of Premise
   Manager Registration (Hotel-Restaurant & Tavern Liquor Licenses Only)
   Manager Registration (3.2% Beer, Beer & Wine, Retail Liquor Store, Club & Brew Pub Licenses Only)
   Change in Corporation or Limited Liability Company
   Renewal Application (Replacement for State Form)
   Duplicate License
   Corporate or Trade Name Changes
   Special Events Permit
   Bed and Breakfast Permits
   Change of Location
   Art Gallery Permits
   Tastings Permit (for Retail Liquor Store Licensees Only)
   Surrender of License