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Laurel Street Bicycle Infrastructure Pilot Project


The 2014 Fort Collins Bicycle Master Plan outlines the City’s vision for a comprehensive low-stress bicycle network for people of all ages and abilities. Improving safety and access for people on bicycles along Laurel Street is a high-priority recommendation of this plan. Over the course of one year, the Laurel Street Pilot Project will test innovative bicycle facilities that aim to improve the safety and comfort for all corridor users.

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Laurel Street Pilot Project Goals:

  • Improve safety for all corridor users
  • Increase bicycle ridership
  • Demonstrate and evaluate new bicycle infrastructure for one-year
  • Create a model for future projects
  • Conduct extensive evaluation to determine impacts to all users and business.


A demonstration project will be installed along a portion of Laurel Street, between Howes and Remington Streets. Pilot projects are typically smaller-scale and shorter-term than full infrastructure projects with the intention of testing the impact and effectiveness of new designs and collecting user feedback. The Laurel Street Pilot Project involves multiple bicycle facility designs including: bollard-protected bike lanes, parking-protected bicycle lanes, bike boxes at intersections and enhanced shared lane markings or sharrows. The project is largely funded by Kaiser Permanente's Walk and Wheel award program.


The 2014 Bicycle Plan outlines a vision for a world-class bicycling experience in Fort Collins. Sections of Laurel Street near College Avenue are key missing segments of the City's existing low-stress bicycling network. In addition, there have been a high number of bicycle-related crashes at the intersection of College Avenue and Laurel Street. The City is interested in testing innovative bicycle infrastructure to increase bicycle ridership while providing a safe and comfortable experience for all users.


Tentative installation is scheduled for June 2015. The City will seek to minimize any project installation impacts. The project will be evaluated throughout the following year.


Eastbound and westbound lanes of Laurel Street, between Howes and Remington Streets.


The Laurel Street Pilot Project will be evaluated to determine its impact on rider safety and comfort, and impacts to other modes of transportation and local businesses. The results of the project's evaluation will be available upon completion to the public and will determine potential refinements to the project area in 2016. Results will also ensure future projects are cost-effective approaches to bicycle infrastructure in Fort Collins.

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