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Fugitive Dust Prevention and Control

Fugitive Dust Ordinance

On May 3, 2016 the City of Fort Collins City Council unanimously passed Ordinance No. 044, 2016, which amended Chapter 12 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins. This ordinance, more commonly known as the Fugitive Dust Ordinance, creates new requirements for all owners and operators of dust generating activities to control off-property or off-vehicle transport of fugitive dust. A Dust Prevention and Control Manual has also been adopted which outlines required Best Management Practices (BMPs) for common dust generating activities.


Enforcement of this ordinance begins on November 1, 2016. If you are the owner or operator of a potential dust generating activity or source, it is your responsibility to ensure that dust levels are controlled to the best extent possible. Failure to comply with the Fugitive Dust Ordinance regulations could result in enforcement action, including civil penalties.

To find out more about the ordinance, and what it might mean for you or your business, please plan to attend an information session. All sessions will be located at 222 Laporte Ave in the Colorado Community Room (1st floor, south side of building).

Light snacks will be provided.

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  • Feb 22nd, Wednesday – 11am to 12pm
  • May 24nd, Wednesday – 11am to 12pm
  • Aug 23nd, Wednesday – 11am to 12pm
  • Dec 6th, Wednesday – 11am to 12pm

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