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Procedures for Dead Birds

Birds that have died from the virus serve as an indicator that WNV is being transmitted by mosquitoes and as an early warning that human infections may soon appear. Individuals who find a dead crow, magpie, jay or raven on their property are advised to call the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment on the "West Nile Virus Bird Report line" at 498-6792 to find out if it is appropriate for testing. If it is suitable for testing, individuals are asked to place the bird in a plastic bag and to keep it cool. Avoid direct contact with the bird, by using gloves, a shovel, or a plastic bag turned inside out to when picking up the specimen. Instructions will be given on how to submit the bird. If the bird is not suitable for testing, the bird (still in the plastic bag) should be be placed in a tight fitting trash container for disposal.