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Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

part of the Plan Fort Collins 2011 Update

pdfCapital Improvement Plan 2011
51 pgs | 2.3M
The transportation Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was updated using an inter-disciplinary team and “triple bottom line” approach that includes environmental, economic, and social factors as project prioritization criteria in conjunction with the traditional transportation criteria.

flowchartThis flowchart shows how our plans work together.
The 2010-11 CIP includes an updated list of projects and anticipated transportation revenue over time from existing/known sources of funding. As a new element of the CIP update, a short-term (5-6 year) CIP was created, which highlights a top tier project list based on the highest ranking projects from all of the transportation categories. Projects are evaluated over a consistent time frame: e.g., signal timing improvements may have an effective life of 3 years, where as a new bridge will have a life of 50+ years.