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picExamples from Elk Grove Township, Illinois and Frisco, Texas.
Safe Cycling Takes a Community,
So We’re Building a Town!

Bike Safety Town

What's a Bike Safety Town?

Bicycle Safety Education Plan recommends the City construct a bicycle safety town to do just that. A bicycle safety town is a “miniature city,” complete with streets, bike lanes, and traffic signs. Families, adults, and children can all use the town to practice safe cycling skills as well as participate in classes hosted by the City and other community partners.

Where Should the Bike Safety Town Be?

Transportation Planning and Parks Planning staff are working to identify a location and design the bicycle safety town. Look for more information and updates throughout the summer here or subscribe to Momentum, the City's e-newsletter on bicycling.


Spring 2012 - Park site selection
Summer 2012 - Site planning and design
Throughout 2013-14 - Construction, dependent on funding

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Amy Lewin, Transportation Planner | 970.416.2040 | YWxld2luQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==