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The links on this page provide quick access to key resources in the recycling field.

Associations and Organizations
Environmental Holidays
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These free composting and recycling brochures are available from the Natural Resources Department... more->>

The Landfill Update is a publication produced by the Larimer County Solid Waste Department covering various topics and issues relating to the Larimer County Landfill.

The Recyclone Times is a newsletter published twice a year. It is distributed throughout Larimer County electronically; as an insert in various newspapers, as well as at some libraries. It is geared toward the general public and strives to answer questions residents may have about recycling, hazardous wastes and the landfill in Larimer County. Each issue includes an updated recycling guide.

The CAFR News is a quarterly publication of the Colorado Association for Recycling covering various articles, news briefs, events, and programs relating to recycling, composting, buying recycled, and waste reduction.

Associations and Organizations

Environmental Holidays

March 21 :: First Day of Spring (Spring Equinox)
April 22 :: Earth Day
April 22-26 :: Clean Your Files Week
April 26 :: National Arbor Day
June 21 :: First Day of Summer (Summer Solstice)
June 28, 2006 :: Bike to Work Day
September 30, 2006 :: Public Lands Day
September 18-24, 2006 :: Pollution Prevention Week
September 22 :: World Car Free Day
September 22 :: First Day of Fall (Vernal Equinox)
November 15 :: America Recycles Day
December 22 :: First Day of Winter (Winter Solstice)

Other Web Sites and Resources

  • Co-Op America - Co-op America is dedicated to supporting and promoting environmentally and socially responsible business.  Co-op America publishes the Green Pages (an annual listing of responsible products and services).
  • Envirolink - is home to, The Sustainable Business Network, and a great library of environmental resources.
  • EcoMall - an extensive environmental portal that seeks to connect its visitors with resources to support a natural, environmentally-aware lifestyle.
  • Extended Product Responsibility- EPA's Strategic Framework for Sustainable Products
  • New Dream - This website contains some useful information and may be of help/interest to your procurement personnel dealing with purchasing green content nad/or recycling products.
  • Recycling Advocates
  • Recycling Office Waste - A Step by Step Guide
  • REPLANT Trees - 100% Replanted website
  • Provider's Resource Clearinghouse - 3100 Blake, Denver, CO 80205, (303) 296-8580 fax: (303) 296-8625. Collects household, office and personal goods and then redistributes to community-based organizations.
  • Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs)
  • The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide - user-friendly starting point for residents of the US and Canada to find out what common household materials are recyclable and how.