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Recycling Drop Off Map

City Recycling Drop-off Facility

Hours: Monday - Sunday during daylight hours
Address: 1702 Riverside Avenue*

*The address is approximate.
The facility is in the parking lot north of Rivendell School located at 1800 E. Prospect.

Fort Collins residents and businesses can recycle a range of materials at the City's full-service recycling drop-off facility. The one-acre drop-off site is open during daylight hours, seven days a week, year-round to the public. The City contracts with a local security company to patrol the site.

Recycling Center

Materials collected at this drop-off site include:

Radom Pictures of Facility

Once the containers are full, they are transported to the Larimer County Recycling Center for further processing.

Please follow the guidelines carefully and only bring materials that are listed for recycling. NO Styrofoam, plastic bags, large plastic items such as buckets or toys or non-bottle/jar glass such as old windows and aquariums. There are no garbage receptacles at the site - please. NO TRASH.

Educational Kiosk

The site features an educational kiosk with various panels of information such as:

  • Recycling Right
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Buying Recycled
  • Recycling brochures

The kiosk is made out of recycled products except for the information panels. The roofing is made from recycled garden hoses. The structure was built from decking (brown) that is made from recycled wood and plastic milk jugs, as well as recycled plastic lumber (gray).

Container #1 & #2

Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags

The compaction system is self-activated by depositing flattened materials into a six-inch opening on each unit. For their safety, children are not allowed on this equipment's platform.

NO soiled, waxed or single layer cardboard (paperboard), pizza boxes, plastic bags, Styrofoam or trash.

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Container #3

Paperboard, Phone Books & Low Grade Paper

Accepted items are:

  • Cereal, cracker boxes
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Six- or twelve-pack beverage cartons
  • Food-free pizza boxes
  • Soft-bound books
  • Brown paper/envelopes
  • Gift, shirt, shoe, tissue boxes
  • Phone books
  • Paper bags, wrapping, tissue paper, packing paper
  • Paper tubes

NO posterboard, milk/juice cartons (they go in Container #5), microwave dinner boxes, plastic/foil lined boxes/bags, pet food, charcoal or fertilizer bags, used tissues, napkins, or paper towels, waxed paper or boxes, Styrofoam, plastic bags or trash.

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Container #4

Office Paper, Magazines & Junk Mail ONLY

NO newspapers, neon/fluorescent or dark colored paper, foil-backed paper, paper bags, packing paper, brown or tan envelopes, Styrofoam packing materials, gift wrapping paper, phone books, TYVEK envelopes, trash, plastic bags, strings or boxes.

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Container #5

Commingled Containers (Bottles/Cans)

Accepted items are: (please rinse out and remove lids)

  • Paper cartons such as milk, egg and broth
  • Steel/tin cans and empty aerosol cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Metal lids/caps - remove from bottles and jars
  • Plastic food & beverage containers stamped #1-#7 such as jugs, bottles, tubs, clear "clamshells", Nalgene bottles, etc. Lids OK.

NO Glass, Styrofoam, microwave dinner trays, deli food trays, plastic bags or motor oil/anti-freeze bottles, compostable "plastic-like" containers.

Interested in learning what those numbers on the bottom of your plastic soda bottles mean? Plastic Codes (pdf).

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Container #6

Newspapers Only

Includes all contents of the newspaper, such as inserts.

Why? Current market demand is extremely high for clean, separated newspaper to be delivered to newsprint manufacturing mills. Getting optimal market prices for our materials helps the City keep this facility open! This project is for you if you are willing to separate your newspaper from other recyclable materials, and/or have access to volumes of newspaper.

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Container #7

Glass Only

  • Clean Bottles & Jars (rinsed, no dirt or rocks)
  • Glass should be as INTACT as possible (not broken)
  • All colors
  • Labels ok
  • Remove caps and lids

Why? - By depositing glass only in this container you are helping us ensure that nearly 100% of the glass is fully recycled.

NO contaminants such as: broken glass, ceramics, bake-ware, Pyrex, drinking glasses, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, fish tanks or non-glass containers.

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Red Schoolhouses

Red Schoolhouses

Clothing, Textiles and Shoe Recycling

Red Apple Recycling takes used clothing, textiles such as sheets, towels, curtains and shoes. They are processed for various markets. In return, Red Apple Recycling provides grants to local schools.

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Recycle That Blue Box

Book, CD, DVD Recycling

Book, CD, DVD & Fashion Accessory Recycling

Habitat for Humanity benefits from this project which recycles and repurposes used books, CDs, DVDs, and fashion accessories.

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City Forestry Department's FREE Mulch Pick-up Location

Mulch Closeup

When a surplus of mulch is available, residents can pick up FREE mulch. Please note that this location is NOT a yard waste drop-off location.

This location is for pick-up ONLY. Free mulch is not for the use of contractors, landscapers, or nurseries.

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In 2002, the City Natural Resources Department (now the Environmental Services Department) created this centralized, full-service, publicly accessible drop-off center to help meet citizens' growing recycling demands. The other full-service facility in the area is Larimer County's Recycling Center, which is located at the County landfill several miles south of Fort Collins at 5887 S. Taft Hill Rd. The City's drop-off center property is leased from the Rivendell School. The City purchased the roll-off recycling containers and uses the services of a local contractor to haul the containers to material recycling facilities (MRF) to be processed and baled for market.

For more information, contact the City Environmental Services Department at (970) 221-6600.