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1200 Raintree Drive
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The Senior Center was recognized in the top 12 by the National Council on Aging and the National Institute of Senior Centers for 2008 and 2009. The center was awarded National Accreditation in 2003 and 2009. Of 15,000 centers in the U.S., fewer than 200 receive this distinction; the Senior Center is one of only two in Colorado. The Senior Center provides a focal point for programs and services for aging adults and their families. View Construction Gallery


  • 25-yard, 4-lane pool
  • 10-person spa
  • Jog/walk track
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-use area with stage
  • Classrooms
  • Pool/snooker
  • Art rooms
  • Kitchen and lounge
  • Media center and library
  • Community gardens


Summer Recreator Registration

Please Note: Due to Senior Center construction, opening day member (4/29) and regular (5/1) registration space is very limited and has no restroom access. We encourage you to visit another location, go online or call to get registered.

The Summer Recreator will hit the streets this week (4/8). Look for it in your mailbox, online or at a variety of locations around town. If you are looking to register for a summer day camps, please see our Spring Recreator, many of these classes are already open for registration. Registration for Summer begins May 1 at 7:00 AM. Senior Center members can register beginning April 29 for adult classes.

Email us at to get your household ID if you need it.

Senior Center Closure

The Senior Center is closed due to construction April 28 through May 11. The facility will be open for registration (4/29 and 5/1 only) but will have limited space and no restroom access. Please call 970.221.6644 for more information.

Support the Senior Center, take a seat!

The auditorium in the new Education, Information, and Entertainment wing of the Senior Center needs seats. This presents another great way to show your support for the new facilities being constructed as part of the Senior Center Expansion.

A very tangible contribution from you would be providing one (or more) of the seats in this great addition on the northeast side of the Expansion. To recognize your support, an engraved plaque will be mounted on each purchased seat. The plaque will show your name or the name of someone you would like to recognize.

Visit the Senior Center Expansion Initiative's website for more information.

Expansion Construction Update

March 12
The roof on the cardio area should be completed next week.  The framing is completed in the administrative and wellness area and the drywall is being installed.  The walls in the multi-purpose area are being primed and the first coat of paint is going on.  The project is still expected to be completed mid-June. Important Dates – The Senior Center will be closed for construction from April 28 through May 11.  We will re-open May 12, 2014. 

February 25:
The fire alarm system will be taken off line on Wednesday, March 5 to relocate the fire alarm conduit in the cardio area.

February 19:
The temporary wall is being built in the front lobby area. The old front entrance will be the access point for the new wall to be hauled into the lobby.  The lobby area will be chilly today and noisy. 

Friday the east end of the track will be shut down for the entire day. We will re-direct traffic so that those exercising can do a u-turn to get in laps. 

February 17:
The cold and snow has set construction a little behind this month. Steel erection of the building is wrapping up.  On Feb. 19, the slab for the cardio area should be poured.  It is currently looking like the cutting of the doors and windows in the east end of the gym off the track will take place during the week of February 24.  The track will most likely be closed for this work on Feb. 26 through 28. The gym will remain open but the noise is supposed to be “ear plug” loud, please check with the front desk to see if that is the case. We will issue ear plugs if that is the case.  The administration and wellness roof will be going up soon.  Feb. 18 and 19 all the insulation should be done.  A temporary wall will be coming soon in the lobby.

January 20:
The project is moving along.  The holes were cut into the gym last week that will eventually be the doors into the fitness/dance area.  The trusses are going in on the multi-use rooms, walls for the cardio area are going up and the walls in the admin and wellness area should be going up soon. 

Week of January 20 –

As a result of many complaints about the width of the handicap parking we will be taking one handicap spot away and restriping the remaining ones to be a little wider so those with walkers can actually get in their cars.  

Next week, the windows will be taken out of the wet crafts room, the window in the shop will also be removed as will the doorways going to the “old” admin area.  This will require the shop to be closed one day, the wet crafts room to be closed one day and the stairs to the track to be temporarily narrowed in width. 

The new multi-use rooms and theatre are close to being “dried in” so that interior work can start. 

Thursday, January 23 – the floor in the fitness/dance room will be poured.  In order to pour that floor the workers will be accessing that area through the gym.  They will enter on the west end of the gym and use the south side to access the room.  There will be a 6 foot plastic walk way for them to use during this process.

We are also going to be closing the gym down for two days at the end of January/start of February for the openings to be cut off the track into the new cardio area. Please pardon our additional noise and some dust. 

Please note: it has been decided that the entire building will be closed from April 28 until May 11 for construction.  The only exception to that will be first day of Senior Center Member registration, April 29  and the first day of summer registration, May 1.  The only space that will be open in the building on those days will be the front desk to help accommodate the walk-in registrants.  Senior Center staff will not be working in the building during this time period.


December 3, 2013
- Expect lots of noise as crews continue to dig out the cardio area where the old office space was.
- Wednesday (12/4) and Thursday (12/5) (dependent on weather) footings will be poured.
- On December 11 (again dependent on weather) there will be major pouring of concrete in the northern portion of the addition.  This may disrupt flow in and out of the building and will last around 3 hours.
- The doors in the shop are being removed today.
- The curb near the entrance is going to be painted either today or tomorrow.
More gravel is being hauled into the site to help mitigate the mud being tracked into the parking lot.

November 21, 2013

The canopy move will be delayed 2 hours this morning to allow traffic to die down so the crane can get on the road.

November 14, 2013

Some of you are aware that the canopy (or porte-cochere as some want it referred to) will not be moving today but will be (if all works out and the weather holds) moved on November 20 at approximately 9:00 AM.

The bus stop has been moved once again and is now on the other side of Raintree.  This move alleviates the bus having to drive through the parking lot to turn around.  The bus is now going down Drake, turning on Raintree, picking up across the street and continuing on its way.

On November 15 around noon to 1:00 PM there will be cement trucks arriving to pour footings in the north area of construction.  These will be large trucks and their arrival, turning and departure may impact the drop-off zone in front of the new entrance.  Over the course of the afternoon there should be 3 trucks arrive, pour and depart. 

The fenced areas of the parking lot will be changing during the week of November 25.  The north area will get smaller because the construction dumpsters currently on the North end of the lot will be moved to the south of the building across from the handicap parking.  Our dumpsters will remain where they are. We will be gaining more parking in that lot.  The fenced area in front of the building will expand to include the spots across from the south handicap parking and this fencing will close off the connection between the two lots stopping some of the traffic and improving safety for visitors.    


November 7, 2013
Check out these new renderings for the Senior Center front desk and lobby area:
Rendering #1
Rendering #2

October 25, 2013
The expansion has begun.  You'll notice that the safety construction fence has been installed, please do not cross the fence so crews can work safely and efficiently.  We are becoming familiar with new parking situation.  If you are visiting the Senior Center during busy hours (typically mornings until about 11:00 AM) you might consider using the second entrance (west entrance) to the parking lot.  After turning into the lot, look to your right because there are frequently spaces available there.  After you park follow the construction fence with the green netting to the entrance on the east side of the building.  Look for the entry signs.

If you need assistance with the entry door or with the back patio doors you will find a newly installed doorbell located on a post.  Ring it and staff will be there to help you get in the building. 

There are bike racks in the back of the building and some will be relocated near the front door as soon as possible.  Please be patient with us as not all our changes can happen at one time.  The bus stop is not located on Raintree and you will see the bus bench at that location. 

What is going on in the building?
Crews have started dismantling the administration area. Doors and windows are being removed so they can be re-used in the addition or repurposed.

Next week the admin area will be detached from the main building and demolition of it will begin.  Be prepared for some noise.

Keep checking our site for future construction updates. 

Thanks for your patience while we build a bigger, better Senior Center. 

For more information check out Operation Services website - click here

New Silver Sneakers Program

We are now a Silver Sneakers provider. Silver Sneakers participants are welcome to drop in at both the Senior Center and Northside Aztlan Community Center to work out. We also offer two exercise classes for members to drop in: 11 AM at the Senior Center on Tuesday and Thursday, 11 AM at Northside on Monday and Wednesday.


Those who donate their time, energy and talents play a vital role int he Senior Center operation. There are opportunities for people with strong customer service, clerical, organizational and leadership skills to contribute to an important community resource. Click here to get started volunteering today!