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Neighborhood Services partners with other entities to provide trainings to homeowner associations (HOA), HOA board members and property managers.

2014 HOA Training Calendar

Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center and Fort Collins Utilities teach Water Regulations and Conservation

Thursday, July 31, 4-6 pm in the Community Room at Fort Collins Police Services, 2221 Timberline Road.

The HOA Information and Resource Center is part of the Division of Real Estate, under the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). The HOA Office acts as a clearing house for information concerning the basic rights and duties of homeowners, declarants and homeowner associations under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA).

As outreach to Colorado communities, the HOA Information Officer will be present to discuss the role and function of this office, provide information regarding HOA water issues and concerns, and listen to consumers and professionals regarding HOA's in your community.

Fort Collins Utilities will share programs and techniques for saving water outdoors and in. Learn about best practices for operating and maintaining your sprinkler system. Sign up for a free evaluation of your HOA's sprinkler system and then upgrade with rebates for new technology. Xeriscaping can lower water use by 30 to 50 percent. Take advantage of the City's Xeriscape Design Assistance Program and installation rebates to transform some turf areas into low water-using planting beds. Indoor water use can be decreased by retrofitting toilets and showerheads with high efficiency models. Find out about rebates available to help with these costs. Register Now.

  • All classes listed BELOW run from 6-8 pm in the Community Room at Police Services, 2221 Timberline Road.
  • All trainings provided by HindmanSanchez Law Firm, coordinated by the City of Fort Collins.
  • Maximum room capacity is 80 persons.

Disclaimer: The City of Fort Collins does not provide legal services to members of the public. Any information regarding legal concepts, law, or policy provided at this meeting is being provided by outside attorneys as a courtesy by the law firm to attendees. The information provided or the appearance of any attorney or member of any law firm at this meeting does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the City. No attorney client relationship is established between the City and any attendees to this meeting, and no attorney client relationship should be construed by any attendees. The City is not responsible for the payment of any legal fees that attendees may incur as a result of seeking legal advice from the presenting attorneys following their presentation.

August 21: Better Documents Equal Less Stress
Association leaders must understand and navigate through covenants, bylaws, rules, etc., to successfully operate the community. But if your documents don't contain what today's laws require or offer, or reflect the desires of today's community, are you wasting your time? Worse yet, are you exposing yourself to liability?  It's time to stop enforcing illegal provisions, ignoring available remedies, and avoiding the need for change. This class identifies reasons why you should amend, the basic amendment process, and best practices and strategies for gaining approval. Register Now.

September 18: Covenant Enforcement Duties and Obligations
Whether you are brand new to a board or a seasoned veteran, you'll no doubt agree that covenant enforcement is one of the most important duties boards have. Covenant enforcement is also one of the messiest and more difficult areas for boards to manage. In this class, we'll cover the covenant enforcement process, legal requirements for board members when enforcing covenants, and common pitfalls when it comes to covenant enforcement. We will also provide you with tools to get a better "grip" on the enforcement issues in your communities. Register Now.

October 16: The Community Association Bylaws: The Operational Instructional Manual for Boards
Board members and officers are tasked with the day-to-day operations of the community: from holding meetings, taking minutes, conducting elections, and the like. But to perform these actions legally and effectively, there is one document that you must review carefully and know comprehensively: Your Bylaws. The Bylaws are the operational handbook of your community. In this class we will explore a set of Bylaws and discuss everything from the legal requirements for holding a meeting, to how to conduct an election appropriately, to vacancies on the Board, to proper methods for voting. Don't miss out! Register Now.

November 20: Legislative Update / Ask the Experts
The first part of this class includes a comprehensive review of this year's legislation. We'll discuss the legal requirements of each bill, the impact on community associations, and the practical considerations for managers. The second part of this class is opened up as a free-for-all Q&A on any community association legal questions. Join us for this once-a-year opportunity to ask any legal questions you want - the sky's the limit!! Register Now.

Please visit HindmanSanchez for additional classes, taught by HindmanSanchez, throughout Colorado.

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