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Web Standards Compliance

The City of Fort Collins is committed to making web content accessible to all users, and every effort is made to achieve web standards compliance. In general, this means the following:

  • Main navigation is text-based and AccessKey-controlled.
  • Content has been organized hierarchically.
  • All images have alternate descriptions in text.
  • Font sizes are relative and can be adjusted by users.

These standards ensure equal access to the content on this website, whether by mobile device or screen readers.

Accesskeys - Navigating this Website without a Mouse

This website can be navigated entirely through the keyboard, and shortcuts or "Accesskeys" are available to quickly go to common places. The W3C introduced the accesskeys attribute to help users using screen-readers, however, accesskeys can also be useful to people who have no trouble controlling the mouse and clicking on links.

View accesskeys combinations by browser »

For example, by hitting the "D" accesskey, your browser will go to the City departments page.

The following table shows the accesskeys for common areas of our website:

Accesskey Corresponds to...
V City Services
N News
L City Leadership
J Jobs
B Business
H Help
P Public Records