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Useful Contacts

Name Website Phone Number
Healthy Sustainable Homes Program 970-416-2832
Air Quality Testing & Information Back to Top
Air Polluntion Alerts  
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000
City of Fort Collins Air Quality Program 970-221-6600
Colorado Dept. of Health 800-4THE-AIR
Larimer County Environmental Health 970-498-6775
Walsh Environmental 970-223-5655
Allergy Control Covers for Pillows/Mattresses Back to Top
Group Health Take Care Stores 800-447-2839
National Allergy Supply, Inc. 877-627-8775
Asbestos Testing Back to Top
Walsh Environmental 970-223-5655
Windy Ridge Enterprises 970-568-3916
Asthma and Allergies Back to Top
Asthma & Allergy Foundation 800-7-ASTHMA
American Lung Association 800-LUNG-USA
Colorado Asthma and Allergy 970-221-1681
Parents of Asthmatic/Allergic Children 970-495-8153
Poudre Valley Hospital Asthma Education 970-495-8153
National Jewish Hospital 877-225-5654
Children's Safety and Health Back to Top
EPA Tools for Schools Program  
US Consumer Product Safety www.cpsc.ov  
Institute for Children's Environmental Health 360-331-7904
Energy Efficiency Back to Top
City of Fort Collins - Utilities 970-221-6700
Xcel Energy - Recharge Colorado 800-632-6662
Gas Leaks Back to Top
Poudre Fire Authority 970-416-2892
Xcel Energy 800-895-1999
Hazardous Product Disposal Back to Top
Larimer County Landfill - Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off 970-498-5771
City of Fort Collins 970-221-6600
Household Chemicals and Products Back to Top
Household Chemical Health & Safety  
Scorecard Chemical Profiles  
Lawn and Yard Care Back to Top
Larimer County Extension 970-498-6000
Colorado State University Extension 970-491-7030
Lead Information Back to Top
American Assn. of Poison Control Centers 800-222-1222
National Lead Information Center 800-424-LEAD
Centers for Disease Control 800-CDC-INFO
Better Basements by Thomas & Thomas   970-215-6175
Century Environmental Hygiene 970-266-8000
CSU Soil Testing Lab 970-491-5061
Old Town Designs 970-391-5486
Risk Removal 970-221-9121
Tetra Tech 970-223-9600
Windridge Enterprises   970-568-3916
Less Toxic Alternatives Back to Top
Guide to Less Toxic Products  
CSU Master Gardner Program 970-491-7030
ToxTown 888-FIND-NLM
Lung Health Back to Top
American Lung Association 800-548-8252
Master Home Environmentalist Program 970-416-2832
Mold Mitigation Back to Top
Control Environmental Group 970-493-8100
One Day Mold Removal 970-219-5190
Paul Davis Restoration   970-221-1281
Puroclean Restoration Services 970-237-3580
Rainbow International 970-484-3265
Servepro 970-493-6335
Pesticides Back to Top
Department of Agriculture 303-239-4179
Radon Information Back to Top
City of Fort Collins - Environmental Services, Natural Resources Dept 970-221-6604
Larimer County Health Department 970-498-6775
National Radon Hotline 800-SOS-RADON
EPA Radon Information 800-SOS-RADON
Colorado Radon Information 303-692-3442
Recycling Back to Top
City of Fort Collins - Environmental Services, Natural Resources Dept 970-221-6600
Smoking Back to Top
American Lung Association 303-388-4327
Health District of Northern Larimer County www.healthdistrict.ord/stopsmiking/index.htm 970-224-5209
Larimer County Health Department 970-498-6700
Transportation Options Back to Top
City of Fort Collins - Planning Development &Transportation 970-224-6058
FC Bikes 970-416-2411
Fort Collins Bike Coop 970-484-3804
Transfort Bus Services  
Water Efficiency Back to Top
City of Fort Collins - Utilities 970-221-6700