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Who We Are

Fort Collins is committed to providing services to make your environment healthy both inside and out. The Healthy Homes Program is a free program that helps families improve the indoor air quality in their homes- brought to you by the City of Fort Collins’ Environmental Services Division.

Provide members of the Fort Collins community the tools and knowledge to create a safe healthy home environment.

To reduce in home air pollutants through volunteer based education and action.

Values and Principles:

  • A healthy home environment improves the quality of resident’s lives, particularly children and individuals with asthma.
  • A personalized approach is effective in motivating people to improve their home environment and change behaviors.
  • Residents, through their own actions, can make changes in their home to prevent illness.

Contact Us:
If you’d like to find out how to volunteer or learn more about the program, contact us at , or call 970-416-2832.