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Fees, Insurance and Sales Tax Requirements


Exam fee for all licenses: $ 75.00
Re-exam fee for all licenses: $ 50.00
Amendment exam fee for new or expired licenses: $ 35.00
Application fee for all licenses: $ 75.00
Biennial license fee for all licenses: $200.00
Biennial supervisor certificate fee: $ 25.00


All laws relating to safety of employees and the public must be observed at all times by any contractor, or exempt specialized trade subcontractor. Every such contractor or exempt specialized trade subcontractor shall maintain worker's compensation insurance as required by Colorado law, and public liability insurance in the minimum amounts as follows: three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) per person; five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) per accident; and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) per accident involving public property. Proof of current general liability insurance, must be provided to the Building & Zoning Department before issuance of a building permit to the license holder will be authorized. Proof of current worker's compensation insurance must be maintained with the Building & Zoning Department when payroll employees are utilized. The Building & Zoning Department will require proof of such insurance prior to the issuance of employee identification cards.

Sales/Use Tax License Requirements:

All contractors are required to obtain a City Sales/Use Tax license prior to working in the City of Fort Collins. There is no charge for this license. See forms for a downloadable application which should be submitted along with all other paperwork. A contractor's license application will be considered incomplete if a Sales/Use Tax license application is not submitted.