High Performing Community


Be a model for equitable, effective and transparent local governance.

HI 1.1 - Local Government Responsiveness

Respond to inquiries and concerns in a timely and coordinated manner. Ensure that contact information and staff directories are readily available and regularly updated.

HI 1.2 - Government Transparency

Support and expand upon practices and systems that are transparent and accountable to the public.

HI 1.3 - Capability of Talent

Hire high-quality talent and continuously provide opportunities to develop the capabilities and capacity of City employees to provide outstanding service.

HI 1.4 - Continuous Improvement in Service

Continuously evaluate existing practices and systems for opportunities to improve outcomes and provide better, more equitable service to the public.

HI 1.5 - Cost-Recovery Model

Utilize a cost-recovery model, designed to estimate revenues and expenditures associated with actual or hypothetical development patterns providing estimated fiscal impact information, for major planning projects such as annexations, subarea plans and major updates to the Structure Plan.

HI 1.6 - Budgeting for Outcomes

Use the BFO approach for developing a biennial budget that allocates revenues based on community priorities and for providing residents with a clear understanding of program and service funding choices.

HI 1.7 - Regional Collaboration

Actively collaborate with other jurisdictions in Northern Colorado, school districts and institutions of higher learning, special districts, the NFRMPO, and other regional and state partners to develop cooperative solutions to regional issues and planning challenges.

HI 1.8 - Service Providers

Coordinate closely with and promote coordination among service providers in needs assessment, facility siting and other matters to ensure continuing delivery of effective, equitable and efficient services.


Support an active, educated and engaged community.

HI 2.1 - Volunteerism and Philanthropy

Promote a spirit of volunteerism in the community by coordinating with organizations and philanthropies through CityGives and other similar initiatives. Provide a range of opportunities for residents to volunteer for or give to City-led programs, projects and efforts.

HI 2.2 - Educational Institutions

Coordinate with the community’s educational institutions to support and enhance the excellent educational system that contributes to the city’s high quality of life and the employability of its residents.

HI 2.3 - Lifelong Learning

Work with educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and others who provide educational classes or programs to ensure that lifelong learning opportunities are available and accessible to residents.

HI 2.4 - Early Learning

Encourage equitable access to childcare, early- learning opportunities and other programs that help families prepare their children for school.

HI 2.5 - Community-Based Learning

Work to expand opportunities for students to engage in community-based learning and other service-oriented learning experiences that allow students to engage with the community.

HI 2.6 - Capacity Building

Provide opportunities for the community to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in local government planning and decision-making processes. Ensure that such efforts include targeted approaches for marginalized communities and other groups that have historically been underrepresented in past outreach efforts.


Provide opportunities for meaningful and inclusive community involvement in governance and decision-making.

HI 3.1 - City Boards and Commissions

Strive to reflect the diversity of our community in the membership of resident boards and commissions, including but not limited to people of different races, ethnicities, income levels, ages, abilities and backgrounds. Encourage participation from residents with varying occupational experiences as well.

HI 3.2 - Hiring Practices

Adopt hiring practices across the City organization to promote staffing that reflects the diversity of the community.

HI 3.3 - Range of Engagement Approaches

Develop and provide a range of approaches for engaging with the community in a meaningful and authentic way. Ensure that approaches are tailored to and appropriate for different levels of engagement, as well as for different socioeconomic and cultural groups.

HI 3.4 - Inclusive Engagement

Seek to engage with a broad spectrum of the community during all City-led outreach efforts. This includes residents and businesses from different ages, racial backgrounds, education levels, income levels, etc., as well as those who have limited English proficiency or face other barriers to participating in engagement activities.

HI 3.5 - Multilingual Signage

Ensure that welcome, directional and other key signs in City buildings and facilities are multilingual. Signs providing information about how to access translation and interpretation should be added to City buildings and facilities wherever needed.

HI 3.6 - Translation and Interpretation

Create and publicize a wide range of accurately translated and regularly updated City resources and publications for residents who have limited English proficiency. Expand and publicize City interpretation services.