Culture and Recreation


Build Fort Collins’ identity as a thriving cultural and creative destination by supporting an inclusive and equitable arts, culture and creative community.

CR 1.1 - Equity and Inclusion

Through the arts, foster an inclusive and equitable cultural and creative community that represents all residents.

CR 1.2 - Creative Destination

Support and advocate for the creative industries in Fort Collins, emphasizing the importance of the creative economy and building the City’s reputation as a destination for innovative companies and people.

CR 1.3 - Community Engagement

Enhance the City’s cultural facilities and citywide programs to address community growth and demand, supporting the community’s vibrancy and health.

CR 1.4 - Sustained and Thriving Sector

Explore and support the creation of new, sustainable public- and private-funding sources to cultivate a vibrant, healthy cultural and creative sector. Evaluate current funding mechanisms for effectiveness and alignment to future goals and vision.

CR 1.5 - Dynamic Identity

Build Fort Collins’ creative, arts and culture brand identity and visibility; communicate it effectively to the community, the region and beyond.


Provide a variety of high-quality outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities that are accessible to all residents.

CR 2.1 - Recreation Opportunities

Maintain and facilitate the development of a well-balanced system of parks, trails, natural areas and recreation facilities that provide residents and visitors of all races/ethnicities, incomes, ages, abilities and backgrounds with a variety of recreational opportunities.

CR 2.2 - Interconnected System

Support an interconnected regional and local system of parks, trails and open lands that balances recreation needs with the need to protect wildlife habitat and other environmentally sensitive areas. Where appropriate, place trails along irrigation ditches and storm drainageways to connect to destinations such as schools, open lands and neighborhood centers.

CR 2.3 - Public and Private Partnerships

Develop and maintain effective public and private partnerships to provide a comprehensive system of parks, common open lands and outdoor spaces that are distributed equitably throughout the community and accessible to all.


Adapt and expand parks and recreation facilities and programs to meet the needs of a changing community.

CR 3.1 - Changing Needs

Seek input from the public and review recreation trends to adapt existing and future facilities and programs to meet the needs of a changing population and community.

CR 3.2 - Multipurpose Lands

Maintain and develop partnerships among City departments and other organizations to provide multipurpose parks and natural areas to maximize and leverage available resources.

CR 3.3 - Joint Facilities

Pursue partnerships among City departments and with other organizations to develop versatile and joint recreational facilities in the future to maximize recreational offerings and available resources.

CR 3.4 - Best Management Practices

Follow environmental best management practices for the maintenance of parks and recreation facilities.