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The Social Sustainability Department assists local non-profit agencies that serve low income individuals and families. We accomplish this through funding, collaborative programs and partnerships. Below are stories from recently-funded programs.


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Ride Along With VOA Volunteer Pam Bennett

Seven years ago, an ad in the Coloradoan soliciting volunteers for Volunteer of America’s Home Delivered Meal program caught Pam Bennett’s attention. A semi-retired accountant, Bennett was searching for a way to give back to the community in which she was raised.
Bennett relishes the time she spends volunteering—especially for the relationships she’s fostered with the seniors she serves. Because volunteers are paired with the same participants each week, they can get to know each other beyond the customary greetings exchanged coming and going.
Bennett says one of her most rewarding experiences delivering a meal was chatting for half an hour with a woman who lived alone. The woman had few friends or family members, and Bennett mainly listened.
“It made her feel good,” she said. “But it also made me feel good. I get more out of this than they do, that’s for sure.” To read more click here>>

Pictured here: Helen, client of the Home Delivered Meal program

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What Do Cheerios and Meatballs Have In Common?

“If you’re hungry, we’re going to feed you.”
Bruce Wallace means what he says. As Programs Director at the Food Bank for Larimer County, he helped oversee the distribution of 8.7 million pounds of food to Larimer County residents in 2013. Nearly 50% of this food is donated by area farms, including 300,000 pounds of produce.
Sometimes donations come from corporate sponsors. Currently, the Food Bank’s warehouse is home to 60 massive, 380-pound boxes filled with loose Cheerios. Donated by General Mills, the cereal is divvied up by Food Bank volunteers, who scoop it from the box, weigh the serving, then pour it into a bag the same size as what’s available in a grocery store. Parsing the work in this way enables the Food Bank to transform the value of a bulk donation into manageable servings for countless families in need. To read more click here>>

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Visit with Gus Mircos, Site Director at Boys and Girls Club

Drop in at the Fort Collins Boys and Girls Club and you’re likely to run into Gus Mircos, the site’s Unit Director. Energetic and enthusiastic, it’s hard to imagine Mircos sitting behind his desk for any length of time—it’s far easier to picture him wandering the halls with a grin as he helps usher in a young visitor, commends a staff member for work well done or pops into the music room for a quick bang on the drums.

Serving 140 to 160 kids a day ranging in age from 6 to 18, the club offers a variety of activities—everything from catching up on homework, learning to play an instrument to participating in an inter-club sport such as basketball or baseball. The goal? To help club members stay on track, academically and personally. Read more >>

Learn more about Boys and Girls Club by visiting their website.

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Meet Mariana Colorado, Matthews House Participant

Mariana Colorado is a vibrant, cheerful 20-year-old college student attending Front Range Community College. She holds a 3.7 GPA and plans to transfer to CSU and eventually work as a behavioral scientist.

For Mariana, however, educational and long-range career goals weren’t always something to which she aspired. Originally from a small town in southern Mexico, Mariana’s family moved to Fort Collins when she was too young to remember. Her family struggled to find work. Moves were frequent, and often involved starting over. With change came uncertainty. Her interest in academics waned. Read more >>

Learn more about the Matthews House by visiting their website.