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Print cartridges

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ARC Thrift Store of Colorado
106 E. Foothills Pkwy., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-267-8870

ARC accepts and sells donations of clothing, boots, shoes, coats, toys, dishes, small household items, furniture, cell phones, cars, print cartridges, small appliances, and linens. Will pick up large appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators) in working condition. Call for details.

Best Buy
4040 S. College Ave., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-225-6003

Accepts cell phones, rechargeable batteries, printer cartridges, CDs, DVDs, and many electronics for recycling for no fee. Does not accept alkaline batteries. Some items accepted for trade-in credit. See website for details.

Cartridge World
2614 S Timberline Rd #105, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-484-4465

Cartridge World refills all major brands of toner and inkjet cartridges including HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark & Epson, for most home or small business printers. 

City of Loveland Recycling Center
400 N Wilson Ave., Loveland
Phone: 970-962-2529

The Loveland Recycling Center accepts a wide variety of materials, including #1-#7 plastic tubs, waste cooking oil, and other hard to recycle items. Fort Collins residents should expect to pay a fee to drop off yard and wood waste. Electronics (TVs, tires, computer monitors) require a small fee. Batteries are free.

Loveland residents must present a current yard debris permit to drop off yard/wood debris.  To obtain a permit, call the Solid Waste Division at 970-962-2529 or stop by the office at 105 W. Fifth St.

208 N. Howes St., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-484-4224

See Eco-Thrift website for specific details.

Green Cartridge Colorado
4031 S. Mason St., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-223-0489

Green Cartridge accepts all toner, ink, copier and fax cartridges for recycling at no cost. Free (for business customers purchasing print cartridges) pickup and delivery is available to all of Northern Colorado businesses. Green Cartridge will provide a pre-paid shipping label and a collection box for returning used ink and toner cartridges for remanufacturing. Send requests to:  

Life Span Technology Recycling
4650 S. Leyden St., Denver
Phone: 888-720-0900

Sustainable computer recycling for businesses, municipalities and non-profits. Accepts unwanted technology equipment (computers, printers, monitors, telephone gear, fax machines, network gear). Onsite pick-up.

Poudre River Public Library District - Harmony Library
4616 S. Shields, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-221-6740

Printer, Ink Jet Cartridges: fund raising program for Friends of the Library

Poudre River Public Library District - Main Library
201 Peterson Street, Fort Collins
Phone: 970-221-6740

Not accepting cartridges until *after* remodeling project is completed.
2677 D South Xanadu Way, Denver
Phone: 1-800-477-3465

Recycles printers, fax machines, copiers, cartridges using online, mail-in service. When your collection box is full, use their mailing label to ship recycled cartridges.

Super Target
2936 Council Tree Ave., Fort Collins
Phone: 970-530-3120

Accepts clean, dry plastic grocery bags for recycling. Consider re-using disposable plastic grocery bags (or better yet, replace them with canvass totes). Once the plastic bags are no longer usable, it is time to recycle them. Ask your local grocery store about including other types of polyethylene plastic bags such as newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, Ziploc-type bags, bubble wrap and shrink wrap. Also accepts MP3s, Cellphones, print cartridges.

Think Green From Home

Phone: 866-699-6466

Waste Management's Think Green From Home program provides convenient options for residents to properly recycle CFL, batteries and electronics from home. Accepts all batteries that are 9-volts or less, does not accept lithium, lithium-ion and lead-acid. Users of this program pay small processing and shipping fees. Go online to order a recycling kit.

Waste-Not Recycling
1065 Poplar St., Loveland
Phone: 970-669-9912

Recycles mixed paper, excess equipment, cardboard, metal, electronics, pallets and much more. Provides custom recycling services to businesses, governments, schools and construction sites. Waste-Not will also help design comprehensive construction waste recycling program and haul all recyclables. Programs geared towards diverting maximum volume of waste. Will shred and recycle paper for a small fee.