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About Us

Mission and Vision

Our mission:
Fostering health and well-being through diverse and inclusive recreation opportunities, sustainable planning, and community partnerships.

Our vision:
World-class recreation services which inspire people to lead engaged, healthy lives.

An Anecdotal History of the Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department

The Anecdotal History of Parks and Recreation was compiled and written by Jean Helburg, retired Recreation Director. She was employed by the City of Fort Collins Recreation Department for 38 years and retired in early 2009.

The document linked below will share the rich history of the Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department. A general chronological history can be found in Chapters 1-5. Chapter 6 is a recounting of a more detailed history of recreation facilitied and therapeutic recreation. Separate chapters are included about Logos and Themes (Ch. 7) and Awards and Recognitions (Ch. 8).

Click here to view the Anecdotal History of Parks and Recreation.

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Recreation Manager

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Recreation Manager

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The Farm and Child Development

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Adaptive Recreation

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Senior Center

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Fitness, Dance, Adult Education, Trips and Travel, Arts and Crafts, Social Programs

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