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Public Records

The public records listed below or relevant portions of them are available at no cost to persons who have limited ability to read, write or speak English and wish to utilize services, programs or services offered by the City. The City will generally, upon request, provide appropriate aids and services leading to effective communication for qualified persons with disabilities so they can participate equally in the City's programs, services, and activities, including qualified sign language interpreters, documents in Braille, and other ways of making information and communications accessible to people who have speech, hearing, or vision impairments. Anyone who requires translation of a document or a portion of a document to another written or spoken language should call 970-221-6526 or send a request to Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication should call 970-416-2253 or TDD/TTY number 970-224-6001 and ask to speak to the City's ADA Coordinator.

A records request may be initiated through any City department by submitting a written request in person, via email or through Access Fort Collins. If requesting records from multiple departments, submit your request to the City Clerk’s Office.

-First hour of staff retrieval time is free of charge
-An hourly rate of $30.00 per applies thereafter
-Charges for providing the requested record:
        Copies up to 11X14 - $0.25 per copy
        Copies for 11X17 - $0.50 per copy
-Copies for oversized sheets will be set by the providing department not to exceed actual cost.
-CD/DVD or USB Flash drives $15.00 per disk/drive
-No additional charge for electronic delivery

Read the City’s policy.

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Municipal Code and Charter
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Open Book
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Public Notices
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Traffic Code
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