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Police Recruiting

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Job Benefits

Fort Collins Police Services offers a superb salary and benefits package in a profession delivering incomparable job satisfaction, camaraderie, and excitement.

Details of the salary and benefits package are listed below:

2017 Average Salary Information

Fort Collins Police Services offers a competitive salary range. Level five is typically attained within three years of employment.

  • Entry Level - (1) $61,169
  • Post Certified Officers - (2) $66,057
  • Completion of FTO program - (3) $70,948
  • 12 months after level three - (4) $75,875
  • 18 months after level four - (5) $83,251

Lateral Entry Pay Program

If you are currently serving as a full time police officer, have been for at least three years at time of hire, and are eligible for Colorado POST certification, you may qualify for the Lateral Entry Pay Program. Qualified candidates will start at the level (3) pay rate, which is currently $70,948.

Vacation/Holiday/Award Time

  • 80 hours of Holiday time each year
  • If you work on a holiday you can be paid 2 1/2 times your normal pay
  • You can earn up to 60 hours of award time a year through fitness testing and not utilizing sick days
  • Entry Level Officer earn 15 vacation days a year


  • Money Purchase Plan (401k) employee contribution of 8% with matching funds of 8%, fully vested after 3 years
  • Deferred Compensation Plan(457) with matching funds up to 3%
  • Retirement Health Care Savings Plan

Other Benefits:

  • One to one take home car program
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision coverage for family
  • Life Insurance/ Optional family coverage
  • Uniforms and cleaning provided
  • All equipment provided, including firearm.
  • Tuition reimbursement for college courses at accredited schools