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Foothills Mall Project Proceeds with Some Tree Removal for Storm Sewer

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Installation of a storm sewer along the north side of East Monroe Drive just to the west of Stanford Road will result in the removal of 21 trees as part of the ongoing Foothills Mall redevelopment project.

Crews will start removing 12 trees on Thursday at the east end of the storm sewer and work west to remove the trees, which are generally near the southeast corner of the Youth Activity Center at Stanford and Monroe. Some trees will be transplanted; others will eventually be chipped into mulch. The City Forester’s office has approved a mitigation plan for the project.

The City Council on May 6 voted 6-0 to approve an amendment to the redevelopment agreement with Foothills Mall that would allow the developer to meet leasing agreements over time. An amended agreement will be posted at when it becomes available. For regular updates on the mall project or a list of Frequently Asked Questions, go to or