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Got Leaves? Fort Collins Leaf Exchange Can Help!

This news was released 706 days ago and may contain inaccurate information.

Contact Information
Susie Gordon, Senior Environmental Planner, Environmental Services Department
; 970-221-6265
Caroline Mitchell, Environmental Planner, Environmental Services Department
; 970-221-6288
Once Fall colors hit Fort Collins, it doesn’t take long for leaf piles to follow. What should residents do with leaves once they’re raked up? Composting is an option for some, but if not, how do you get rid of them?

Entering its ninth year, the Leaf Exchange is a City-sponsored, free web-based program that connects people who need to get rid of leaves with those who need them. Leaf-givers and leaf-takers can contact each other through the City’s Yahoo!Groups page and arrange for leaf pick-up and delivery.

Why participate? Not only is the Leaf Exchange free, it serves multiple purposes. Leaves are excellent for composting and several local residents and farms use them to insulate plants and gardens for winter. Exchanging leaves is also good for the local environment. Plus, it keeps leaves from local landfills.

For more information, call the Environmental Services Department at 970-221-6600 or access the Leaf Exchange website at