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Arrest Video from April 6th, 2017

Released on Thursday, April 13, 2017
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Below is an update from FCPS and Chief Hutto regarding the incident and video that occurred on April 6, 2017.

Officer Randall Klamser is on paid administrative leave. There has been a lot of concern and scrutiny surrounding the use of force that occurred in connection with the arrest of Ms. Surat. This change in job status is not disciplinary in nature, and is in response to the general climate created by the public response to this incident. FCPS is committed to preserving a process that ensures fair and impartial outcomes for Ms. Surat and Officer Klamser.

Chief Hutto has requested the Professional Standards Unit investigate the incident with Ms. Surat so that a clear picture of the events prior to the actual arrest, the arrest itself and the events after Ms. Surat’s arrest are fully documented and evaluated. Chief Hutto has also requested the Professional Standards Unit’s investigation be presented to the Citizen Review Board for further review. A complete investigation, reviewed by the Citizen Review Board, is essential for maintaining the trust of the Fort Collins community.

Fort Collins Police Services is committed to releasing the videos for the sake of transparency, but not to the detriment of the rights of those involved. The body camera video is part of the criminal investigation, and as such, we have a duty to try to limit publicity during the pending investigation and Ms. Surat’s court proceedings. Balancing the need for the community to view the body camera video and Ms. Surat’s right to a fair trial is a complex issue. The decision to release body camera video is not one Chief Hutto takes lightly. There have been many discussions surrounding the right time to release body camera videos from events of April 6th. Chief Hutto is committed to preserving the investigative process and rights of those involved in the incident. Once those processes are complete, the body camera videos from the two officers at the scene that night will be released.