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City Environmental Services Department Encourages No Impact Week April 20-27

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The City of Fort Collins Environmental Services department will encourage residents to engage in a week-long No Impact Experiment Week April 20-27 inspired by the work of sustainability pioneer Colin "No Impact Man" Beavan.

No Impact Week is a one-week “carbon cleanse” that allows participants to experience the difference lowering their impact can have on their quality of life, their community and the planet.

Beginning Sunday, April 20, participants will work through a series of eight daily challenges, from decreasing trash production and home energy use, to eating locally and sustainably. The week will wrap up with a day of Giving Back on April 27. Sign up at

The No Impact Experiment, which is a national movement, is about discovering how living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can increase personal fulfillment, health, happiness, and time with family and friends.

“Are we as happy as we could be, living in a system based on the idea that people are best served by ever-increasing spending and material and energy use? Might we not be happier if our system emphasized health, happiness, and security?” No Impact Project founder Colin Beavan said in a statement.

No Impact Week is not about telling people to deprive themselves, but to encourage behavior that is better for people and the planet.

More than 50,000 people worldwide have participated in a low-impact living challenge through the No Impact Week Experiment Inspired by Colin Beavan's own experiment in low-carbon living, documented in the popular “No Impact Man” book, film and blog.

The City’s Environmental Services department will host EV and lawn mower test driving near the intersection of Howes Street and Laporte Avenue at April 19 Earth Day events. The City will also host an event April 22 at the 215 N. Mason, Community Room, where people can attend a short seminar on electric vehicle costs, myths and total cost of ownership from noon to 12:30 p.m. and test drive an electric vehicle from 12:30-1:30 p.m.

For more information about No Impact Week, go to or contact Rosemarie Russo, Sustainability Coordinator for the City at PGFjbGFzcz0=">cnJ1c3NvQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== or 970.416.2327.

About the No Impact Project

The No Impact Project is an international, environmental, nonprofit project, founded in the spring of 2009. The No Impact Project was conceived by Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, following the success of his blog, book, and film, which chronicle his family’s year-long experiment living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City. Central to his thesis is the notion that deep-seated individual behavior change leads to both cultural change and political engagement. For more information, go to