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MAX Construction Alert: Guideway Paving Complete

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The final segment of the MAX guideway, a road solely for the use of MAX Bus Rapid Transit vehicles, has been paved. Just south of Prospect Road, construction crews completed paving operations on Thursday, January 30. This marks the conclusion of major, substantive construction of the MAX BRT system. Some finish and landscaping work remains to be completed this spring.

There are approximately three miles of new transit-only concrete guideway throughout the five mile MAX corridor. The exclusive guideway allows MAX travel times to remain consistent, regardless of traffic jams or accidents, so passengers will be able to rely on MAX's travel time.

With the construction substantially complete, testing and the training of drivers for activation of the MAX BRT system will begin in February, before MAX is open for public use in May.

For more information, visit or call the MAX construction hotline at 970-416-2617.

MAX is on the Way!

MAX Bus Rapid Transit, a service of Transfort, begins in May 2014. MAX will offer passengers rail-like convenience at 12 stations and two transit centers between Downtown and Harmony Road, with service every 10 minutes and real-time bus arrival information at each station. MAX will connect Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado State University, Midtown and south Fort Collins, providing many new economic redevelopment opportunities near station locations.