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Utilities to Host Free Water Restrictions and Sprinkler System Workshops in April

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Fort Collins Utilities will host free workshops to help customers learn about current water restrictions and how to improve the efficiency of their sprinkler systems, program their controllers and receive equipment rebates.

• Home Depot South, April 6, 9-11 a.m.
• Home Depot North, April 6, noon-2 p.m.

The workshops will highlight how residential customers can save water outdoors by learning to make sprinkler system repairs, adjust settings and upgrade to more efficient equipment. Specialists will provide summer water-saving tips and showcase a variety of recommended sprinkler system equipment.

Information about free sprinkler audits (residential and HOAs), home efficiency audits ($60), and rebates and incentive programs also will be available. Participants will be eligible to receive a variety of door prizes and giveaways, including home efficiency audits plus $500 toward improvements and $250 toward sprinkler system upgrades.

For more information, call (970) 221-6700, visit, e-mail dXRpbGl0aWVzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ== or TDD (970) 224-6003.