Winter Classes for Adults

December - February

Create a Christmas Wreath
Join in the fun of creating your own natural holiday wreath from scratch on a 14 inch frame. Attach evergreens to the frame and embellish the base with a wide variety of natural materials and a bow. Examples, instructions, assistance and materials will be provided. Note: $5 discount for members. Bring gloves and any favorite item you envision for your wreath (special bows, keepsakes, unique natural materials, etc.)
Dec. 5, Saturday, 10 AM-Noon, $30
Dec. 5, Saturday, 1 – 3 PM, $30

Photographing Holiday Lights
Participants will explore photographing holiday lights with the Garden of Lights displays as inspiration. Lecture, slideshow on techniques of photographing light displays with a hand-held camera, with a tripod, and with additional flash lighting included. After class, use your own creativity in The Gardens with guidance by Bill Cotton, CSU Photographer. Note: $3 discount for members. A digital camera capable of being mounted on a tripod is recommended. We will have some tripods available to borrow. Dress to be both inside and outside and bring a flashlight.
Dec. 8, Tuesday, 4–6 PM, $25

The Joy of Fruit: Growing Fruit Trees at Home
Learn the basics of growing fruit trees at home. From selection of appropriate varieties to planting, pruning, pest management, and long-term care, this class will equip you with the skills and information necessary to grow and enjoy fruit for years to come. Note: $3 discount for members
Jan. 30, Saturday, 10 AM – Noon, $18

Color Theory for Botanical Illustration
This class covers the three basic categories of color theory: the color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used. Learn how to apply this to botanical illustration by mixing and layering of analogous and complimentary colors. Learn when and where to apply tones and tints and how to use color to create depth and perspective in your illustrations.
Note: Supply list provided. $10 discount for members.
Jan. 30 and Jan.31, 1-5 PM, $110

Sketching 101: Forms and Textures of Nature
Do you want to paint gardens, flowers, and nature scenes but don’t know how to start? Learn basic techniques of shading, perspective, creating texture, and line drawings with graphite pencils.
Note: Class is for novice sketchers. Supply list provided. $10 discount for members. Call 416-2486 to register. Feb. 3, 10, 17, & 24, Wednesday, 2–4 PM,$110

The Kitchen Herbalist
Learn how to make natural medicines to promote health and wellness with common herbs and spices already in your kitchen. We’ll also cover herbals for ailments from the common cold and flu to digestive troubles and burns. Using herbs, oils, vinegars, and honey, explore how to infuse herbs into daily nutrition and healing. Learn medicinal attributes, energetics and uses of ten common herbs. Take home herbal recipes to keep in your medicine cabinet and a handout. Note: $3 discount for members.
Feb. 6, Saturday, 10:00 AM - Noon, $25

Make Your Own Mozzarella
Learn the basic skills as well as what basic equipment is needed to make this classic cheese. Discover the difference between types of milk and how they can effect curd development as well as other ingredients needed. Recipes provided. We will be making two different mozzarella cheeses in class that you can sample. Note: $3 discount for members.
Feb. 6, Saturday, 1-3 PM, $20

Botany of Flowering
Go beyond pistils and stamens to discover the secrets of how and why plants flower. Find out why some plants bloom in spring while others wait until fall. Uncover the compounds that create unique colors in petals and leaves. Use microscopes for a close-up of plant and flower parts.
Note: $3 discount for members.
Feb. 13, Saturday, 10 AM – Noon, $18

Grow your Own Veggies
Create your own food-producing gardens at home. Get tips on garden size, site selection, container possibilities, choosing seeds and transplants. Learn how and when to plant, tend and harvest your garden. Note: $3 discount for members.
Feb. 20, Saturday, 10 AM – Noon, $18

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