• Learn new techniques of cooking summer favorites for optimum health benefits.

  • Garden to Fork allows you to be part of the cooking demonstration or just enjoy the end result!

Garden to Fork 2014

Presented by University of Colorado Health

Experience The Gardens in a new way with our Ground to Fork cooking classes. Beginning this summer, we offer a perfect excuse to explore new culinary adventures, have a date night, get together with your friends or meet new ones.

Presented in partnership with University of Colorado Health, this Garden to Fork series will highlight the process of harvesting fresh produce grown in the Garden of Eatin’ at the Gardens on Spring Creek and transforming the ingredients into a healthy, delicious culinary dish.

Students will begin their experience in the Garden of Eatin’ to learn how to select and harvest the produce included in the evening's menu. The class then shifts to the outdoor kitchen to interact and work with UCHealth chefs and registered dieticians on how to best prepare and cook the dishes for optimum health benefits.

Dates: Every Thursday, July 31 - Sept. 18
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $25

To register, click on your selected classes below:

July 31: Powerhouse Greens
Are you growing hardy greens yet not really sure what to do with them? Learn how to mix up exciting summer salads, smoothies, and light meals with our featured leafy ingredients including kale, collards, mustard and beet greens among other powerhouse greens.

August 7: Grilled Pizza
Fire up the grill and learn how to masterfully create summer pizzas. Using many types of veggies and herbs, our grilled pizzas will knock your socks off! The class will incorporate appetizers through dessert, savory to sweet pizzas.

August 14: Pesto, Tapenade, & Summer Salsa
Spread the love in the form of pesto, tapenade, and salsa. After this class, you will never go back to the boring out of the bottle mainstays. We will use eggplant, tomato, peppers, basil, and other garden fresh bounty. Add flavor and zing to your summer spreads and dips, and learn how to incorporate them into main dishes.

August 21: Fresh and Savory Italian
Cooking fresh Italian is much more than a pot of pasta and sauce! Rich in flavors of the Mediterranean, olive oil, eggplant, artichokes, squash, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and greens are the heart of this style of cooking. Fresh and dried herbs will be used in abundance.

August 28: Eat the Rainbow
Purple carrots and blue potatoes? Our Garden of Eatin’ is a virtual rainbow in the summer and here is your chance to taste the spectrum! All colors of the rainbow will be incorporated into this lesson to cook up some surprising dishes.

September 4: Totally Tomatoes
We wait all year for garden fresh tomatoes, and here is your chance to taste the best of the best from the Garden of Eatin’. This class will incorporate multiple varieties of tomatoes right off the vine and combine them with other flavors to widen your spectrum of cooking with this juicy fruit of summer. The possibilities are endless as we reach tomato nirvana!

September 11: Mild to Wild Chiles
Spicy, sweet, hot, and mild…Master the dynamic flavors of the Southwest, right here next to Spring Creek. Students will be focusing on cooking with many varieties of chiles and peppers in combination with other classic southwestern vegetables grown in the Garden of Eatin’.

September 18: Hearty Soups
From rich and flavorful to light and refreshing, soups and stews are a wonderful way to make the most of your garden harvest. During this class, you will learn the art and science of choosing a proper soup pot, building a rich stock, and assembling an incomparable creation, layer-by-layer, with the bounty of garden veggies. Carrots, potatoes, squash, and many other hearty favorites will be incorporated.

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