Fall Classes for Adults

September through November

Note: All the following classes are recommended for adults age 18 and up. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Growing Medicinal and Culinary Herbs at Home
A multitude of herbs can easily be grown in Colorado – take this opportunity to learn the most popular varieties and their common uses. We will also discuss how to grow herbs (yes, perennial varieties can be successfully planted now) including garden design ideas, soil preparation, planting techniques and special conditions some might need.
Note: $3 member discount. Instructor: Natalie Shrewsbury, HTA, Horticulture Therapist
Sept. 19, 9– 11 AM; $18

Chocolate Tasting
Join Toby Gadd, founder of Nuance Chocolate and certified chocoholic, to explore the chemistry, flavors and mysteries of making small-batch chocolate. The Gadds’ fascination with chocolate has blossomed into one of the very few true bean-to-bar chocolate making enterprises in the United States. Go on a “show and smell – and taste!” tour of how Nuance makes chocolate from raw beans, roasted and ground in Old Town Fort Collins. Note: $4 member discount. Instructor: Toby Gadd, Owner, Nuance Chocolate Sept. 19, 1-3 PM, $25

Leaf Casting Bird Bath and Stepping Stones
Hypertufa can be used to make many different items for your yard. Learn the recipe and techniques for working with the material, then create your own hypertufa birdbath or stepping stone using a leaf casting technique. All materials provided.
Note: $4 member discount. Plastic gloves will be provided but you might want to bring your own heavier rubber gloves and a dust mask. This is an outdoor class, dress for the weather in old clothes. Finished products will need to be picked up later. Instructors: Kelly Kellow and Sherry Fuller, Gardens on Spring Creek
Sept. 26, 1-3 PM, $30

Watercolor Classes by Karen Ramsay
8 week session of learning watercolor in the gardens from artist, Karen Ramsay.
Sept. 29-Nov. 17; Tues, 1-4 p.m. -OR- Oct. 1-Nov. 19, Thurs, 1-4 p.m.
$337 members; $342 non-members
Please call 970-416-2486 to register for Karen Ramsay's class sessions.

Bring in the Birds
Attracting birds to your yard can bring much viewing pleasure as well as provide pest-control as they feast on your garden insects. Learn the best ways to provide food, water and shelter for your feathered friends while making your yard more sustainable and improving your landscape. Plants that naturally provide food for birds will also be discussed. Note: $3 member discount Instructors: Lauren De Rosa, Wild Birds Unlimited and Bryan Fischer, Gardens on Spring Creek
Oct. 3, 9:30-11:00 AM, $12

Garden Photography
Taught by professional photographer Amy Shutt, you will learn the basics of your DSLR or mirrorless (micro 3/4) camera, leaving you with an understanding of how to use aperture, shutter speed, and ISO together to get out of auto mode. After the lecture portion, students will venture out to photograph nature in the gardens. All participants will receive one-on-one instruction with their equipment.
Note: $10 member discount Instructor: Amy Shutt, amyshutt.com
Oct. 3, Noon-4 PM, $150

Sketching 101: Forms and Textures of Nature
Do you want to paint gardens, flowers, and nature scenes but don’t know how to start? This is the class for you because you have to know how to draw before you can paint. Learn basic techniques of shading, perspective, creating texture, and line drawings with graphite pencils.
Instructor: Joanie Schneider Note: $10 member discount. Class is for novice sketchers. Supply list provided.
Oct. 7, Oct. 14, Oct. 21, Oct. 28, 2– 4 PM, $110

Care for the Caregiver
Gardens and plants can provide stress relief and opportunities for social engagement for those who might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the needs of caregiving. This workshop will honor you by offering garden-related ideas for self-care that nurture the soul and engage the senses. You will also get suggestions for activities you can do with those you care for. Note: $3 member discount; all materials for activities will be provided. Instructor: Natalie Shrewsbury, HTA, Horticulture Therapist
Oct. 10, 1-3 PM, $25

Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces
Create your own fall-themed centerpieces with a mini pumpkin or gourd, succulents, acorns and other natural materials. All materials will be provided. Each participant will be able to take home one or two completed centerpieces. Note: $3 member discount Instructor: Nancy Frank
Oct.17, 10 AM – Noon, $20
Oct.17, 1-3 PM, $20 (Repeat of above)

Sheet Composting
Learn how to use this easy layering method of composting to suppress weeds and create better soil. The instructor has used this method in her own yard to reclaim flood-damaged areas that were buried in silt and thick with weeds. Sheet composting uses grass clippings, fall leaves and organic garden waste to create wonderful, rich compost. Save your materials for use after the class! Note: $3 member discount. Weather permitting, part of this class will be hands-on in our garden, so please dress appropriately. Instructor: Jeannette Fitzgerald
Oct. 24, 10 AM – Noon, $18

Zentangle® for Beginners
Zentangle® is an easy way of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns called tangles. It is a proven method to promote mindfulness and fosters self-esteem, focus, relaxation, creativity, and stress relief. People of all skill levels can create Zentangle® art and have fun in the process! Instruction and all materials (that you can keep) will be provided to create a paper tile such as the one pictured. Note: $4 member discount Instructor: Bettina Rosbrook, www.tangleturtle.workpress.com
Oct. 24, 1-3 PM, $40

Still Life with Colored Pencil
It comes as a surprise to most students that to make a green leaf, green is not the pencil to use! To create beautiful colors in your art, you must first understand the basics of color. Learn how to create colors using three primary colors (red/blue/yellow and magenta/cyan/green) while experimenting matching colors with various botanical subjects. Explore color changes using darks, lights, compliments and analogous colors. Learn tricks for blending colors, burnishing, embossing and lifting colors to create details in botanical illustration. Note: $10 member discount Instructor: Anna Schwabe, Biologist and Botanical Illustrator
Nov. 6, 4-7 PM; Nov. 7, 9 AM – 1 PM; Nov. 8, 9 AM – 1 PM; $125 (all three dates)

Natural Lip and Hand Balms
Learn how to make your own chemical-free lip balms and hand salves. Easier than you think, these rich balms will keep your skin hydrated and nourished through the winter. A variety of essential oils will be available so you can create your own personal scents. Materials, containers and recipes will be provided so that you can take home one lip balm and one hand salve. Instructor: Connie Meyer, urbanoveralls.net Note: $3 member discount
Nov. 7, 2–4 PM, $25

Create a Terrarium
Terrariums are back in style! Learn which plants work best, how to plant and maintain these mini greenhouses. Then choose three plants and an embellishment from our collection and create your own unique terrarium to take home. All materials provided. Note: $3 member discount Instructor: Ted Schaaf, Gardens on Spring Creek
Nov. 14, 10–11 AM, $22

Spice Up Your Life
Are you an accomplished cook or just a master of making toast? Do you wonder about the difference between a spice and an herb? Are you interested in learning more about why saffron is so expensive and what the differences are among the varieties of cinnamon? If so, please join us to learn more about the wonderful world of spices! Be prepared to smell and taste some intriguing flavors. Note: $2 member discount Instructor: Susan Kirkpatrick, Owner/Manager, Savory Spice Shop
Nov. 14, 2-3 PM, $14

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